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Sarge Ray
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Default What got you interested in voice acting and voiceover?

This is a question that I have to ask any aspiring voice actor. "What was the thing that got you into voice acting in the first place?"

I got into it through this special commentary on the first season of SpongeBob Squarepants. It was called "Everyone's Talking" and the voices of the majority of the SpongeBob cast talked about what their characters were like and how they arrived at those voices.

For example, Tom Kenny based SpongeBob's voice off Jerry Lewis and the munchkins from "The Wizard of Oz". And Clancy Brown explained how he got Mr. Krabs' laugh.

Another thing that hammered the nail in was the Simpsons cast on "Inside the Actors" with James Lipton. They were being their characters while interviewed.
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Default Re: What got you into VA?

I think it was back in junior high when TV stations where i grew up often aired behind-the-scenes programming for movies and tv shows.

I remember watching a Lion King behind-the-scenes which showed the actors voicing the characters in the recording booth. Same thing with the Simpsons.
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Default Re: What got you into VA?

When I was younger, I noticed how movie trailers would always refer to a website called filmratings. Being my curious self, I went to that website and noticed that they usually had links to IMDB pages. From there I learned quite a bit about voice actors. I remember thinking it was cool that a lot of voice actors from Rugrats worked on the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. After that it dwindled a little.

Then in 2009 I had a resurgence of sorts. I noticed that the Wikipedia pages for Street Fighter Alpha had lists of the characters and their actors. So for fun I created a list of the game's VAs and other roles they'd played. It was fun, so then I extended it to other parts of the Street Fighter series, even some of the crossover games. I found it interesting that Toshiyuki Morikawa and Reuben Langdon (Ryu and Ken), for example, had both played Dante in Devil May Cry. I downloaded MUGEN over the summer and had a blast putting together a fighting game with loads of characters. When I got a microphone I recorded myself as the announcer and did some battle cries. That's when I decided, "Man, I'd love to be in one of those Street Fighter games."

Then there was Transformers. I was blown away by the number of roles Frank Welker played and how distinct they all sounded, and by the extremely high quality of the acting as a whole. If it didn't capture my attention enough for me to browse Peter Cullen and Frank Welker's Wikipedia pages, I literally might not have found this site (for marketing purposes links to our website were placed; alas they're gone now). Now my voice acting interest is at an all-time high, and I've decided that it's truly what I want to do.
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Default Re: What got you into VA?

I've always had an interest in voices and sound effects. Always tried to mimic them at a young age from cartoons and movies (and eventually video games). Even developed some of my own over time. Entertained my close friends and family with them. Always thought it'd make for a fun job (especially doing Starscream for Transformers)... but it just seemed too far-fetched and unrealistic as I got a older. Then I got serious and busy with my artwork and doing voices kind of became greatly overshadowed. I still did voices and effects at work for the heck of it though. However, once the AFLAC duck position opened up for audition... it's like all of those years of holding back the thrill of voices came flooding back! Since that audition and experience... I've really been working hard on researching and learning the craft with passion while letting my creativity and imagination fly! Not only in the vocal department... but also the recording and the equipment aspect as well.
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Smile Re: What got you into VA?

About a year ago, it seemed pretty fun, that and I didn't really have anything to do,so I gave it a shot, and then I got hooked! It was awesome,even though my mic kinda screwed up on some of my youtube vids.
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Default Re: What got you into VA?

I blame it on noticing Dukey's voice change in Johnny Test. Oh, and seeing James Arnold Taylor's name in the credits of Johnny Test AND Star Wars: TWC. That blew my childhood mind.
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Default Re: What got you into VA?

I think I noticed really striking (often deep) voices like Dan Green & KMR when I was younger. I heard Steve Blum but I always assumed it was just many different men doing a Flamedramon impression. I believe I recall the name Phil LaMarr in a lot of credits as a kid (think 2004-ish).

I think around 2006 I Wiki-ed the Pokemon VA's, I was incredibly surprised to see that Pikachu and a lot of the Pokemon had Japanese voices (also caught the early DP episodes raw on YT, I knew Pkmn was Japanese but it never occurred to me that there was a JP version produced before the English version).

In 2007 a few of my friends who liked anime would discuss Naruto voices; I distinctly recall Yuri, Crispin, Dave, Maile, SJB, & JYB (plus the JP voices, Junko Takeuchi and Noriaki Sugiyama).

In 2013-14 I got into DBZ (Kai & the philosophy, that is) and tried to understand and research the various dubs (& their production). & that is largely what got me into VO (especially things like unions and pay rates), for the most part.
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Arrow What got you interested in voice acting?

What got you interested in voice acting?
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Default Re: What got you interested in voice acting?

I watch a lot of cartoons and animation, so eventually I started recognizing similar voices in different cartoons and what they brought to their roles, so I became more interested in learning about the people behind those roles and their careers.
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Default Re: What got you interested in voice acting?

I have always been interested in seeing who playing what part in movies and such. Heck I still am! I pretty much check on IMDB every day to see what's coming up and who got casted in what. As for voice over, I had always had it at the back of my head as a potential career choice and when I decided against every other acting job I decided to become interested in voice over and then BAM! That's my story.
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hmmm, interested, starters, tell me about it, voice acting

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