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Default Underrated Superhero Movies

We are currently living the golden age of superhero movies. Endgame is breaking every box office record imaginable, Black Panther was nominated for the best picture last year, directors with actual passion for the material are picking the projects and both young up-and-coming stars and Hollywood legends are fighting over for roles in them. But that doesn't mean that all of them got respect they deserved. What superhero movie, in your opinion, deserve a second look from people?

Like any underrated/overrated discussion, unpopular opinions are inevitable, so while you are free to disagree and bring up said disagreements, please be polite about it

I'm personally putting my picks in the oder of from the least underrated to the most underrated.

Thor: The Dark World
I admit, this is more of a case of "overhated" than "underrated", but this is as good place to bring this up as any. The hate this movie gets just baffles me. Like, I get that the Thor/Jane romance doesn't work, the villain is one-note and, besides Loki, all the Asgardian supporting characters get seriously snuffed, but how about all the good stuff? The movie is visually beautiful, the spectacle is tons of fun, the banter between Thor and Loki is stuff of legends and the climax was easily the most creative climax of any superhero movie ever made at the time (admittedly, it has been been surpassed multiple times since then). No, I'm not saying that the movie overall is great, but I have hard time understanding people who call it the worst MCU movie or even one of the worst Marvel movies period, when it has so much pure entertainment value. And the most confusing thing is that Ragnarok turned everything people criticized about this movie up to eleven and yet that one is apparently a masterpiece

Captain America: The First Avenger
OK, I don't think people generally hate this movie. It got decent box office returns and good reception from both critics and general audiences when it came out, and there hasn't been any major blowbacks years later. But I do see people often bring it up as one of the lesser MCU movies and talking about how they didn't like Captain America himself as a character until The Winter Soldier. I personally think that this is still the best origin movie Marvel has made for a singular character (there's an argument to be made that the first Guardians is better, if we count that movie as an origin story for the whole team) and they nailed Cap's character from day one. The movie overall is enjoyable update to old serials, the flag pole scene is one of the best scenes of the entire MCU, the final line (not counting the after credit scene) still makes me choke up, Peggy was great strong female character and the rest of the supporting cast was ton of fun too.

The movie, of course, isn't perfect, Red Skull being kinda weak villain, and both sequels are miles better, but I do think that it is the best Phase 1 movie, not counting The Avengers.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army
I know that people seem to generally praise the Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy movies, but that mostly seems to be only in comparison to the recent reboot and even then they seem to only talk about the first one (which I didn't include, since it is in my opinion just OK), completely ignoring this one. I understand why this movie has kinda fallen to obscurity, since it came out the same year as Iron Man and Dark Knight, which shaped the entire genre for years, so I can see why this went under most peoples radar. But, oh man, I rewatched all the Hellboy movies before seeing the reboot (so I could compare them fairly) and I honestly thing that this was great movie on its own rights, maybe one of my personal favorite superhero movies of all-time (probably not in TOP-10, but definitely in TOP-15) and one of del Toro's best movies period (and the man certainly isn't some hacky nobody director). The visuals are unique and breathtakingly beautiful, the practical creature effects are some of the best I have ever seen, Hellboy himself is compelling lead character, the villain is great, supporting cast is great and the "Can't smile without you" - scene hits me right in the spot.

One of the greatest cinematic crimes will always be that we will never see del Toro's Hellboy 3.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
Nope, I'm not joking. I genuinely think that the first Ninja Turtles movie is the most underrated superhero movie ever made. That is not to say that it is my personal favorite or anything like that, but it is the one that gets the least amount of respect in comparison to what it deserves. When it came out, the critics devastated it and even today people mostly say kinda backhanded compliments like "it's OK for what it is" or "it's good... for a Ninja Turtles movie", and I don't think that people are re-evaluating this movie fairly. I mean, we live in a world where there are four movies starring talking CG-raccoon, which people have no problem with taking seriously, and the frigging Lego Movie is considered to be the Holy Grail of family movies (Note! I'm not taking a jab at the Lego Movie, just pointing out the double standards), but Ninja Turtles are inherently so silly that their movie can't be more than silly shlock for the kids (and only for the kids)?

Look, I'm not saying that 90's Ninja Turtles movie is a masterpiece of cinema, but it is well-crafted and acted movie, which took its source material seriously and told a story with themes that, on paper at least, should hit home with both kids and their parents alike. Not to mention, the movie is pretty darn impressive on the technical level alone. Today we rave about how great Deadpool movies look with small budgets, but only TMNT junkies can admit how great the costumes, puppets and cinematography of this movie were with even less money and no CGI.

I know that this movie has problems and great deal of corniness, but not any more than your average superhero movies today usually have.

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