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Default Re: Server Move + Code Changes

Fyi, I've edited recent posts with orange text either explaining the issue or asking for more details. Please refer back to your post.
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Default Re: Server Move + Code Changes

Originally Posted by 7eevee View Post
Not sure if this is just something happening on my end or not, but I seem to be having trouble replying to comments on my auditions.

Try clearing your browser cache. After the server move this was indeed a problem, which was fixed. Since then, it seems to be working again, except for you.
Thank you for the reply. I just tried doing that but still don't seem do be able to reply to comments on auditions. I tried logging on from 2 other computers, as well as a mobile device, and it didn't work on those either. Maybe there is something going on with my account? It does appear that I am able to comment on project pages and auditions the regular way, as well as reply to comments on a project's page, I'm just not able to reply to comments made on auditions.

I doubt it, but could it be possible that it's something from the way I'm getting to the page? I get to the project page through the audition tab on my profile, could it be related to that? I doubt it considering that I tried getting there through clicking the links for the character I auditioned for, the project's page, the 'comments' and the 'read all comments' links on my auditions page and they all ended the same way. So unless it's because of me trying to get to them through my audition page, period, it doesn't seem like its that. It also doesn't seem to be related to any one project as I am met with the same result on all my auditions that have comments on them.

I had the thought that it might be related to comments made before the move, but it doesn't seem to be that either as it seems like at least one of the projects I noticed this on (the one I initially noticed on), I auditioned for after the move.

I also just want to make sure I'm not doing something wrong. I go to a project's page and scroll down to an audition I made that has a comment, click on the "read all x comments" button, get a little box showing comments and giving me the option to make them, then click on the "reply" button on the comment I want to reply to. It's here that I run into the problem. It moves the comment I am replying to to the top of the box and gives me the space for a text box, but it isn't giving me a text box itself to type a reply in. I'm not just being dumb and doing something wrong here, am I?

It isn't a huge problem for me, more of an inconvenience, so don't worry if you can't solve it or you have other things that are more important. I just would ask that if you decide to put it on the back burner you let me know. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Thanks!

PS. Sorry for the long post. I figure I should be as detailed as possible to help find a solution. Thanks again for any help.
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Default Re: Server Move + Code Changes

Just noticed this. On Carole and Tuesday, a show I haven't voted in the character poll for, it says I've voted for Yu Ishigami. This is a character from Kaguya-sama: Love is War (who I did indeed vote for on that page).

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Default Re: Server Move + Code Changes

A couple more have cropped up in the past week.

I've seen this happen on a couple of pages and I don't really know what's causing it. This example is from Sailor Moon.

Next up, the search button shows up in the wrong place on the forum main page.

Finally, one of Cristina Vee's characters is showing as her thumbnail rather than her picture. Not sure if this is actually an issue that you'd want to fix. Worth noting that her picture was updated last week. This seems to have fixed itself.


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