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Element Riser
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Default Top 10 Most Miscast Roles From Great Actors

Just like the title says, this thread is about actors that had an awful role you didn't like, and you have to have one actor per entry. Here's my list, in no particular order:

#10: Veronica Taylor - Nico Robin (One Piece)

#9: Scott Menville - Shaggy Rogers (Shaggy and Scooby-Doo Get A Clue!)

#8: Grey DeLisle - Mac (Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion)

#7: Tara Strong - Buttercup (Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion)

#6: Josh Keaton - Spyro (Skylanders)

#5: Steve Blum - Goku (Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout)

#4: Gina Torres - Wonder Woman (DC Universe Online)

#3: Cindy Robinson - Amy Rose (Sonic Free Riders)

#2: Seth Green - Chris Griffin (Family Guy)

#1: Linda Young - Frieza (Dragon Ball Z)

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Default Re: Top 10 Most Miscast Roles From Great Actors

From normally great actors/actresses only, right? I'd go with:

1. Linda Young- Frieza

Great as Genkai, but this role didn't fit her.

2. Peter Kelamis- Kid Goku

Great as Adult Goku, but this role didn't fit him.

3. Veronica Taylor- Nico Robin

Great as Ash, May, Delia, and so many others, but this didn't fit her.

4. Eric Stuart- Butch

Great as Brock, James, Magikarp Salesman, and others, but this didn't fit him...James Carter Cathcart was indeed still worse than Eric Stuart was as Butch, though, but that doesn't say anything.

5. Scott Menville- Shaggy Rogers

Great as Robin in Teen Titans, but this didn't fit him.

6. Steven J. Blum- Goku

Great as Makoto Shishio, Spike Spiegel, and Orochimaru, but didn't fit him.

7. Cindy Robinson- Amy Rose

Great in so many roles, but not this one.

8. Sean Schemmel- Alan (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension-- "Nosin' Round
the Mountain!")

Great as Goku, Batman, Crowler, but not this role-- a kid =/= sound like an adult.

9. Dan Green- Construction Worker (Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: Battle Dimension-- "Bibarel Knaws Best!)

Great as Yugi, Yami Yugi, and others, but not this role-- too gruff, too deep, and too forced.

10. Alyson Rosenfeld- Jasmine & Bonnie (Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl: SLV; Pokemon: XY, respectively)

She's actually very good in her other roles, but for these two characters, she is just unbearable to listen to in the roles-- her Jasmine was extremely subpar compared to Tara Jayne's with only one emotion: constantly happy, with no emotional range whatsoever to express other feelings, and Bonnie's voice is plain unfitting...a little girl with an adult woman's voice with an accent...no, IMO.

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Default Re: Top 10 Most Miscast Roles From Actors

1. Ted Lewis - King Dedede Kirby: Right Back at YA!

Sounds like he's from the South, not from Dreamland

2. Mike Sinterniklass - Mayor Boodle One Piece, Leatherhead from Turtles in Time: Reshelled

You can't make out what hes saying with Leatherhead, and Mayor Boodle sounded extremely forced and overly-deep.

3. Sam Riegel - Baxter Stockman Turtles in Time: Reshelled and Tristan Taylor from Yu-gi-oh ep 1-10.

He sounded like a fly in Turtles in Time and his tristan taylor was a cheap impression of Goofy from Mickey Mouse.

4. Cindy Robinson - Amy Rose

Minnie Mouse Amy??

5. Steve Blum - Goku

Just sounds off and creepy...

6. Caren Manuel - Rouge

Makes her sound like she's forty years old.

7. Jason Griffith - Usopp One Piece

No acting whatsoever just random screaming

8. Rob Paulsen - Donatello TMNT 2012

Sounds like Carl Wheezer!

9. Jessica Martin - Samus Aran, Metroid: Other M

So wooden, monotone, lifeless, and it would have been better had Samus just been silent with Jennifer Hale doing the grunts.

10. Alesia Gildewell - Carmelita the Fox, Sly Cooper 2: Thieves in Time

Didn't even bother with the Hispanic accent, off acting, wooden, bland, and sounds really forced with certain syllables elongated at times.

Nonetheless, I am not going to judge them as actors overall as I don't think that I could do a better job, thanks for reading, love god, god bless and spread the love, peace out!
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