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Default Re: Your Username Origin

My username comes from the Ed Edd n Eddy episode where Ed moves his room into Rolf's shed and says something along the lines of "My place is a cat's tuxedo" once he's settled in.
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

OOh, what a fun post, sorry I'm late.

As a huge fan of the Metal Gear saga, I've always looked up to Solid Snake, and his fictional-ness. I've used to just make up usernames per site, but once I really set into the internet, I needed to have a definitive username to go by... Because I was signing up for a NeoPets account. I tried everything until it hit me... My name is Jacob, a shorter version of Jacob is Jake, and I think Solid Snake rules. Jake rhymes with Snake, case closed. SolidJake. Then I punch it in to find that it's taken. What a flippin' bummer. But wait, I am not done yet! I can't give up. What if I put a silent syllable next to the d? There I was, solidejake. Oddly enough, that was taken too (EVERY name was taken on NeoPets). But something about it really stuck out to me. So yes, contrary to popular insult, I DO in fact know how to spell "solid" and I always have. If we're gonna get technical, "solide" is Latin, and is the masculine form of solid.
I once fought two lions and won, and I don't even carry a gun!
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

...I've never notice there was an E after Solid in your name
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

Wait... solidejake = Solid Snake...

How did I go this long without realizing this.
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

Originally Posted by solidejake View Post
My name is Jacob, a shorter version of Jacob is Jake, and I think Solid Snake rules. Jake rhymes with Snake,
This part in particular totally reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7Q7Aksr9io

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Default Re: Your Username Origin

I know what a lot of you are thinking. That my name is Ross and that's why I have it as my username. Funny enough, that's not it actually.

Back before I joined, my friend was helping me get something that was stolen from me back from someone. I'm not going to say what it was or who stole it because it's rather personal. And if you're wondering why my friend was helping me, it's because I'm not very good when it comes to hacking.

So anyway, because my friend was leading this operation he made up a user name and password to help me get it back and of course the username he made was simply just Ross123.

So when signing up for this site, I couldn't really think of a good username as I was so excited to be joining this community so I just decided to go with you-know-what in lack of anything worth while.

Well that's my origin of how I got my username. If I ever join the YouTube community, I've got a better name worked up. Not telling anybody what it will be in case anyone tries to steal it from me.
Crazy man, just crazy. The whole world's going crazy. Or maybe it's just me that's crazy.

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Default Re: Your Username Origin

Mine is kind of anticlimactic if you are aware of one of my favorite TV shows ever.

At the time that I had finally gotten an email and was actually creating accounts on other websites, I was a huge fan of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! And I thought that the Skeleton King had one of the coolest voices and designs and I just loved the character so much, so I just thought "I like that name, I'll just use that as my username." The 1234 was just because someone had already taken the name skeletonking on youtube and a couple other websites so I used 1234 since it was the easiest to remember for me.
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

I was anonymous on the internet for many years when I saw that the character Strider Hiryu had a rival named Strider Hien in Namco X Capcom who resembled another favourite of mine called Ranmaru Mori and I noticed Hien was more of a rival who cannot catch up(instead of the stereotypical Rival is too good until you beat him) so I got Strider 2 and enjoyed the game very much

So when I decided to get an account on DeviantArt and fanfiction I went with... well I couldn't think of anything better at the time
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

My username comes from the "chomp" sound effect used by Hanna-Barbera in the sixties and everybody else since. I love the Hanna-Barbera sound effect library in general.
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Default Re: Your Username Origin

Mine comes from my love of Muppets. Muppet Central Forums was one of the earliest websites I joined, so I named myself after Zoot, my favorite Muppet. The name stuck with me for every website I've been to since.
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