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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Post SMITE - Full English voice cast list

I'm making this thread in hopes that maybe someone will be able to help me identify the voice actors from the video game SMITE that I'm still missing.

I was trying to collect them so I could properly credit their actors in the game's Wiki site. That website already has a full list of voicelines for them that can be used as samples to figure out who their voice actors are. Since I'm not from an english speaking country it's been pretty hard for me to spot the voice actors that haven't already been listed in the Behind the voice actors page. Most of them seem to work for funimation, but there are also some less known independant actors as well.

These are the voice samples for all the playable characters:

These are the voice samples for all the costumes:

List of voice actors:
Ah Puch:
Hou Yi:
Loki: (recent voice replacement, originally Ashley Wood)
Xing Tian:
Christopher Sabat: Anhur, Fenrir, Geb, He Bo, Zeus
Patrick Seitz: Chaac, Hades
Colleen Clinkenbeard: Arachne, Ne Zha
Laura Post: Bellona, Nox
Brad M. Jackson: Bakasura, Hun Batz
Brina Palencia: Artemis, Cupid
Scott Freeman: Agni, Thanatos
J. Michael Tatum: Hercules
Richard Epcar: Poseidon
Sean Schemmel: Sun Wukong
Stephanie Young: Nu Wa
Todd Haberkorn: Vamana
Lindsay Seidel: Neith
Bob Carter: Odin
Ian Sinclair: Tyr
Bill Jenkins: Ullr
Kristin Sutton: Serqet
Kara Edwards: Athena
Josh Grelle: Xbalanque
Monica Rial: Hel
Jamie Marchi: Freya
Rachel Robinson: Medusa
Cristina Valenzuela: Amaterasu
Jason Douglas: Ares
Martha Harms: Aphrodite
Jason Liebrecht: Ah Muzen Cab
Kaiji Tang: Ao Kuang
Joel McDonald: Mercury
Phil Parsons: Apollo
Anastasia Munoz: Kali
Chris Rager: Bacchus
R Bruce Elliott: Anubis
Rick Robertson: Vulcan
Stan Robak: Chronos
Daniel Penz: Zhong Kui
Holly Franklin: Ratatoskr
Brandon Potter: Sobek
Mike McFarland: Osiris
Jeannie Tirado: Sol
Charles Campbell: Ymir
Amanda Doskocil: Nemesis
Bruce DuBose: Thor
Nick Landis: Rama
Caitlin Glass: Isis
Chuck Huber: Ra
Mark Stoddard: Guan Yu
Leah Clark: Bastet
Trina Nishimura: Chang'e
Ric Spiegel: Chang'e (Jade Rabbit)
Carrie Savage: Scylla

List of voice actors:
Too many to list.
J. Michael Tatum: Stargazer Anubis, Dragon Knight Ao Kuang, Father Time Chronos, Lord Slashington III Fenrir, Derpules Hercules, Hug Bug Khepri
Christopher Sabat: Moonlight Love Chang'e (Chocolate Rabbit), He Bro He Bo, Infinity Wave He Bo
Lindsay Seidel: BuccaNeith Neith, Harajuku Neith, Ms. Diagnosis Neith
Carrie Savage: Child's Play Scylla, Daisy Despair Scylla, Lil' Red Scylla
Brad M. Jackson: Death Machine Bakasura, Feaster Bunny Bakasura, Rage Bakasura
Rachel Robinson: Renegade Awilix, Dread Queen Serqet
Anastasia Munoz: Skaliwag Kali, Trophy Hunter Kali
Brandon Potter: High Seas Sobek
Joel McDonald: Run.EXE Mercury, Shaolin Fury Mercury
Laura Post: Furiona Bellona, Sun's Bride Chang'e
Ric Spiegel: Sun's Bride Chang'e (Jade Rabbit)
Bill Jenkins: Berserker Ullr, Irezumir Ymir
Phil Parsons: Curse Voice Apollo, Elite Agent Apollo
Ian Sinclair: PrivaTyr Tyr, Sock PuppeTyr Tyr
Karen Strassman: Liberte Athena, Torment Bellona
Brina Palencia: Bizzy B Cupid, Lucky Baby Fuwa Cupid
Apphia Yu: Blind Vengeance Nemesis
Caitlin Glass: Scarlet Coven Isis
Erica Mendez: Primal Huntress Artemis
Monica Rial: Kawaii Pop Bastet, Solstice Hel
Martha Harms: Diva Aphrodite
Kevin Sorbo: Retro Hercules Hercules
Amanda Doskocil: Executioner Nemesis
Patrick Seitz: Mountain Man Odin
Todd Haberkorn: Lil' Mana Vamana
Nick Landis: Orbital Strike Rama
Holly Franklin: Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr
Kristin Sutton: Madame Blade Serqet
Kaiji Tang: Cangaceiro Vamana
Charles Campbell: Nuclear Winter Ymir
Kent Williams: Sacred Dragon Kukulkan (Original Ao Kuang)
Leah Clark: Night Prowler Bastet (Removed Bastet Skin)
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