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Default French Voices - Mansions of the Gods

OK, this may not be the right place to put this, but I thought it was best to put it here to avoid confusion with my other thread on this movie. Needless to say, if there are any French-speakers or fans of French voiceover looking in, then this is for you.

Basically, the French cast of Asterix: Mansions of the Gods is fairly easy to figure out, with three notable exceptions - the Senators who appear with Caesar at the beginning. Notably, none share the names of their English version counterparts - at least not directly - and there are only two characters (not counting the well-accounted-for Prospectus) actually listed as Senators in the credits. So, in short, one is unaccounted for.

The two named Senators are called Falerius and Pesticius, and they are voiced by Christophe Bourseiller and Brice Fournier. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which name refers to which Senator. As for the third, after eliminating everyone else, he's either called Samus - in which case he's voiced by Olivier Saladin - or Medius - in which case it's Damien Gillard.

Extract - they speak predominantly at 0.32 and 1.52

Interview with Christophe Bourseiller - he kind of sounds like the first guy, which would make him Falerius.

Brice Fournier

Olivier Saladin

Damien Gillard (starts 0.58)

EDIT: If anyone feels disappointed that the full cast isn't listed, I'll rectify that.

Asterix: Roger Carel
Anglaigus (Squareonthehypotunus): Lorant Deutsch
Duplithica (Flaturtha): Laurent Lafitte
Oursenplus (Somniferus): Alexandre Astier
Senator Prospectus: Alain Chabat
Cubitus (Tofungus): Elie Semoun
Dulcia: Geraldine Nakache
Petiminus (Anonymus): Artus de Penguern
Cetautomatix (Fulliautomatux): Lionnel Astier
Ordalphabetix (Unhygenix): Francois Morel
Obelix: Guillaume Briat
Bonemine (Impedementa): Florence Foresti
Abraracourcix (Vitalstatistix): Serge Papagalli
Panoramix (Getafix): Bernard Alane
Agecanonix (Geriatrix): Laurent Morteau
Assurancetourix (Cacofonix): Arnaud Leonard
Iellosubmarine (Bacteria) / Matron 2: Joelle Sevilla
Caesar: Philippe Morier-Genoud
Senator Falerius: Christophe Bourseiller
Senator Pesticius / Citizen 1 / Roman Brute 2: Brice Fournier
Samus: Olivier Saladin
Travaillierpluspnurgagnerplus (Givusabonus): Florian Gazan
Radius / Mosaic Artist: Sebastien Lalanne
Humerus: Franck Pitiot
Medius / Roman Brute 1 / Roman 2: Damien Gillard
Apeldjus (Mischiefus): Oscar Pauwels
Doctor / Guide / Roman 1: Benjamin Gauthier
Goth Gladiator: Pascal Demolon
Numidian Gladiator: Baptiste Lecaplain
Roman Idiot: Louis Clichy
Roman Lady 1 / Matron 1: Virginia Anderson
Roman Lady 2: Pauline Moingeon-Valles

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Default Re: French Voices - Mansions of the Gods

I know Roger Carel.
La voix d'Astérix
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Default Re: French Voices - Mansions of the Gods

A little update here. Turns out there is a point where the third senator speaks clearly (at 2.03), and it sounds to me like Olivier Saladin (judging by his video, at least). I never noticed before because I'd come to believe, at least as far as the English version is concerned, that it was the first senator talking. But in the shot after, you'll see that it's the third who has his mouth open, plus he does sound a little different. Getting back to the point, if this is right, then the third senator is indeed Samus.
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