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Default Are you familiar with Faces Of Death

This is a horror documentary from the 70s that I consider one of the worst movies I've ever seen called Faces Of Death. It's basically death scenes on camera (some staged, others in the movie are real) and some of the stuff in the movie include a monkey getting it's head cut open and then eating the brain (the most famous scene but this one has been proven to be fake), a guy getting executed on the electric chair, inside of a slaughterhouse, people draining the blood from a cow and then drinking it (I hope that one was fake), real footages of autopsies and surgeries, some people clubbing a seal, a guy jumping off of a skyscraper and falling to his death, and a plane crash (that originally came from a news footage). The Only reason I know about it is because about 2 years ago I decided to have a VHS collection and wanted to get some of the really hard to find campy horror movies on VHS (and I do watch Svengoolie every Saturday) and I found this tape at a Salvation Army and I got it but when I watched it I hated it (which hate can sometimes be a harsh word, but I did). After I watched it I donated back to the same Salvation Army (which I rarely get rid of physical media movies I own, but I was so offended by this movie that I just had to). I was wondering how many people on this website besides me have heard of this movie. I personally think that The Nostalgia Critic should consider reviewing for one of his video (I'm willing to bet he's at least heard of it because from some websites said that it's a movie that every film buff eventually hears about), but if he were to review it he'd have to put a Viewer Discretion at the beginning that some of the parts of the movie being reviewed may offend or disturb some people. It's not for the faint of heart (heck I do like dark movies and some horror movies, but even I had trouble with this)
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