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Default Dr Stone

Did search and didn't find this so figured I'd make my own. So with this being confirmed for a simuldub, decided to take a crack at a dub cast. Feel free to also make your own hypothetical casts or even dream casts.

Here's just my own kinda off the top of my head cast with the idea of Funimation handling it. May add some a second and third option to each of these aswell later.

Part 0
Senku-Aaron Dismuke (I know, face value seems like a weird pick, but I think he can pull off the intelligence and ego of the character), Daman Mills
Taiju-Matt Shipman (using his Inasa from MHA) (figured based off the clips in trailers they purposely wanna make Taiju sound annoying, so why not replicate in dub? lol), David Matranga
Yuzuhira-Brittany Lauda, Jeannie Tirado
Tsukasa-J. Michael Tatum (using his Scar from FMAB), Jason Liebrecht

Part 1
Kohaku-Felecia Angelle, Kristen McGuire
Chrome-Micah Solusod, Coby Lewin
Kinro-Ricco Fajardo, Garrett Storms
Ginro-Christopher Ramirez, Tyler Carson
Suika-Sarah Wiedenheft, Rachelle Michelle Thompson
Kaseki-Bruce DuBose, Chris Messersmith
Gen-Todd Haberkorn, Howard Wang
Ruri-Bryn Apprill, Meg McClain
Magma-Patrick Seitz, Bryan Massey
Kokuyo-Tyler Walker, Josh Bangle
Byakuya-Jason Douglas, Brandon Potter
Lilian-Amanda Lee, Alexis Tipton

Part 2
Hyoga-Eric Vale, Christopher Wehkamp
Homura-Mallorie Rodak, Janelle Lutz
Yo-Clifford Chapin, Rob McCollum
Nikki-Meli Grant, Luci Christian
Ukyo-Orion Pitts, Anthony Bowling
Mirai-Hayden Daviau, Dawn M. Bennett
Minami-Morgan Garrett, Lynsey Hale

Part 3
Ryusui-Justin Cook, Austin Tindle
Franchoise-Marissa Lenti, Morgan Berry

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Default Re: Dr Stone

Hey! I got Senku and Yuzuriha right!
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Default Re: Dr Stone

Tsukasa as Jarrod Greene or Ian Sinclair
Kohaku as Alexis Tipton or Lindsay Seidel
Chrome as Daman Mills
Kinro as Alejandro Saab
Ginro as Justin Briner
Suika as Kayli Mills or Monica Rial
Kaseki as Christopher Guerrero or Jeremy Schwartz
Gen as Micah Solusod
Ruri as Luci Christian
Magma as Christopher Sabat
Kokuyo as Kyle Phillips
Byakuya as John Swasey
Lilian as Hayden Daviau
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Default Re: Dr Stone

Now you got Felecia Angelle as Kohaku.
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