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Default Re: Your First Anime

For me, it have to be the Dragon Ball Series, FLCL, Gundam, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist and Sakura Wars.
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Post Re: Your First Anime

In terms of what I first saw regardless of age (childhood or college years), that would be Pokemon, which I watched on infrequent occasion from 2nd to about 10th grade, then I pretty much stopped altogether. In terms of what I still do watch, then that would have to be Cowboy Bebop, which I was introduced to last year. So far, it's the only anime show that I've watched (excluding the former), but I must say that it's a d*mn good show.

EDIT: Oh, and in terms of movies, about half (or two-thirds) of the Studio Ghibli movies I've seen.
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Default Re: Your First Anime

Ninja scroll was my first ever, since i knew it was different from all the other stuff I'd seen on daytime tv.

then it was akira, Dbz, pokemon, Generator Gawl and tenchi muyo and so on.

Actually let me rephrase that, TOONAMI! Was My first anime Ever.

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Default My First Anime

Not in any order:



Dragon Ball series

Sailor Moon

4Kids Transformers Robots in Disguise


Digimon (my favorite is Digimon Tamers)

Flint the Time Detective

Card Captors

Transformers Armada


Fighting Foodons

Yu Yu Hakusho


Case Closed

Full Metal Alchemist (first series)
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Default Re: My First Anime

Originally Posted by Spideyfan-0913 View Post

4Kids Transformers Robots in disguise.
. Robots in disguise was Saban you can tell by the VAs.
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Default Re: Your First Anime

Dragonball Z. I think I was about five or six
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Default Re: Your First Anime

For me it was Samurai Pizza Cats, started watching it when I was 9 and from there that's pretty much what got me started in my interest of Anime.
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Default Re: Your First Anime

Like many of my generation I was huge into Pokemon and DBZ but they were so heavily Americanized that I don't consider them my "gateway anime." They were just cartoons like the others I watched.

Thus the honor of an anime I recognized as an anime goes to Inuyasha. I loved it so much.
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Polyester Funk
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Default Re: Your First Anime

I believe the actual first was Voltron, though at the time I was really young and probably didn't get that it was from another country and dubbed into English. I know I saw Speed Racer which was from my parent's generation and that was a weird one seeing as it was dubbed in the 60s and. But, I'd have to say that DBZ was probably the first thing that got me more into anime as a whole. I'd probably some other stuff here and there, but I started watching that in high school and got into it and then discovered that some of my friends watched it, too. I had kept all of my cartoon/animation watching a secret cuz I didn't think anyone was still into that stuff by that age.
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Default Re: Your First Anime

Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers, Speed Racer & Voltron. Then a gap of about 30-some years, so to me watching Full Metal Alchemist & Attack on Titan felt like "firsts" all over again.
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