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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

I thought I'd do a Batman Hush cast this time. I plan to use a few reprisals of Batman TAS and The Batman.
Good Guys
Kevin Conroy: Batman
Adrienne Barbeau: Catwoman
Alistair Duncan: Alfred Pennyworth
Loren Lester: Nightwing
George Newbern: Superman
Bad Guys
Kevin Conroy: Hush
Robert Englund: Riddler
Diane Perishing: Poison Ivy
Ron Perlman: Killer Croc
Mark Hamill: Joker
Hynden Walch: Harley Quinn
Jeffrey Combs: Scarecrow
Dana Delany: Lois Lane

I know it isn't brilliant I just wanted to give it a go.
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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Keith Szarabajka as Batman and Mae Whitman as Batgirl

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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Originally Posted by nickscheetz View Post
Keith Szarabajka as Batman and Mae Whitman as Batgirl
Whitman voices Batgirl on Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

And as for the other thing I suggested?

Also, would Laura Bailey work as Batgirl? Bob Joles as Commissioner Gordon is another idea I just thought of.

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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Batman - Johnny Yong Bosch
Alfred – Kent Williams
Robin - Micah Solusod
Batgirl – Brittney Karbowski
Nightwing – Eric Vale
Oracle – Erica Lindbeck
Red Robin - Bryce Papenbrook
Orphan - Brina Palencia
Batwoman - Karen Strassman
Flamebird – Jeannie Tirado
Red Hood - Clifford Chapin
Batmite - Ricco Fajardo

Commissioner James Gordon - Doug Erholtz
Havey Bullock - Justin Cook
Renee Montoya - Stephanie Young
Crispus Allen - Gabe Kunda
Jason Bard - Austin Tindle
Sarah Essen - Caitlin Glass

Anarky – Aaron Dismuke
Catwoman - Michelle Ruff

Ras al-Ghul – Jason Douglas
Talia al-Ghul – Luci Christian
Nyssa al-Ghul - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Lady Shiva - Trina Nishimura

Joker - Vic Mignogna
Harley Quinn - Monica Rial
Poison Ivy - Jamie Marchi
Penguin – Kyle Hebert
Scarecrow - Ian Sinclair
Riddler - Tony Oliver
Two-Face - J. Michael Tatum
Bane - Keith Silverstein
Hush - Newton Pittman
Deadshot - Kaiji Tang
Professor Pyg – Jerry Jewell
Clayface - Chuck Huber
Killer Croc – Chris Sabat
Deathstroke - John Swasey

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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Elija Wood for Joker anyone? I mean if Luke Skywalker can do the Clown Prince of Crime then it's only poetic Frodo Baggins can just as well.

I can even see him pulling off an almost Joaquin Phoenix-esque performance.

And while we're at it, how about Gideon Emery as an Australian Killer Croc?
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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Steven Blum as Joker once Hamill decides to make his retirement official
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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

After seeing The Dark Knight Returns this weekend, figured I'd put a quick Vancouver casting together.

Batman - Mark Acheson
Robin - Chantal Strand
Commissioner Gordon - Jay Brazeau
Harvey Dent - Michael Dobson
Joker - Trevor Devall
Superman - Brian Drummond
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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Decided to reshare this from the Marvel/DC thread, but also add in some characters I forgot

Nightwing/Dick Grayson - Max Mittleman
Batgirl/Barbara Gordon - Kate Higgins
Red Hood/Jason Todd - Xander Mobus
Robin/Tim Drake - Zach Callison
Batman/Bruce Wayne - Bruce Greenwood
Alfred Pennyworth - David Kaye
Renyee Montoya - Vanessa Marshell
Mr Freeze/Victor Fries - Charles Martinet
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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

Y'know, there was this abandoned project known as Gotham High in which the central characters are all teenagers with a few notable exceptions. It has inspired my creative juices like you wouldn't believe

~ocean group~
Bruce Wayne - David A. Kaye
Selina Kyle - Brittney Irvin
the Joker - Terry Klassen
Harley Quinn - Tabitha St. Germain
Pamela Isley - Nicole Oliver
Barbara Gordon - Madeleine Peters
Bane - Paul Dobson
Waylon Jones - Omari Newton
Harvey Dent - Andrew Francis
Basil Karlo - Kyle Rideout
Edward Nygma - Samuel Vincent
Jonathan Crane - Jonathan Holmes
Victor Fries - Peter Kelamis
Oswald Cobblepot - Lee Tockar
Principal Gordon - Ron Halder
Alfred Pennyworth - Michael Daingerfeld Hall

Bruce Wayne - Aaron Dismuke
Selina Kyle - Elizabeth Maxwell
Harley Quinn - Cassieiopeia Monaghan
Pamela Isley - Stephanie Young
the Joker - Christopher Ayres
Edward Nygma - Josh Grelle
Barbara Gordon - Bryn Appril
Bane - Bob Carter
Basil Karlo - Newton Pittman
Harvey Dent - Clint Bickham
Waylon Jones - Chris Rager
Jonathan Crane - John Burgmeier
Oswald Cobblepot - Sean Schemmel
Victor Fries - Josh Grelle
Principal Gordon - John Swasey
Alfred Pennyworth - Kent Williams

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