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Default Re: Elena Of Avalor Series Talkback Thread (Spoilers)

Here is my review of Not Without My Magic

Writer: Rachel Ruderman

Date: March 23, 2019

Synopsis : "Elena's scepter isn't working properly."

Oh boy this episode. It leaves me with quite a bit to talk about. Let's talk about it. This episode has two major plots. The main plot involves Elena's scepter not working properly, and goes to Vallestrella to get it fixed. Quita Moz says it will take some time to fix. Cruz and Vestia, in an attempt to go back home, release a fire creature called Achimino , who keeps changing Chatana. When a fire breaks out, Elena tries to stop the fire with the new tamborita she was given, but keeps messing up. In the subplot, we follow Victor, Carla, and his wife/her mother Ash (voiced by Grey DeLisle Griffin). Victor and Ash are rather quite spiteful towards each other, but try maintaining a nice facade around Carla. This episode has a principle moral on how you can still be a hero even without special powers, while also giving a more tangential moral on how true bonds involve being able to move past any conflict through communication and understanding.

Elena and Skylar: Both Elena and Skylar have a very interesting dynamic. Much of what Elena does here is trying to find a new method of magic to use. She keeps screwing up, and Skylar calls her our on it. It's in a way that feels very believable. Elena is known for being very conscious of how much she can help others and be seen as one for the people. Magic is essentially a more effective way to follow up on this, so you can definitely feel for her when she thinks she's not good enough for this. Plus, while still an expert at combat, its not something she continually follows up on, adding to this . Skylar is also in top form given how, when he sees she's obviously down, he tries telling her that she's still a great hero even without the scepter. That's very nice, and it gives her more confidence.

Victor, Carla, and Ash: Lets address this. Its a typical day with them preparing some food. They act lovely when around Carla, but harbor some very negative feelings towards each other. It's actually understandable. Ash said she would train to be a Malvago for only 1 year, yet was gone for 5, leaving Victor to raise Carla on his own. On the other hand, Victor never said that he would be gone just as long. Despite their animosity, there's still a sense of care they have for Carla, even with Ash's sinister look upon seeing the Scepter Of Night jewel.

Cruz and Vestia : Now this is interesting. While on the run, they initially decide to surrender before getting the idea to release a creature and be seen as heroes, but it backfires. While they bicker, they're more openly caring for each other , and are not afraid to show it, in contrast to the Delgados.

Now we talk about how it ends. Elena uses fabricated illusions to trap the creature, and even not knowing when her test is, she regains her confidence. Though Cruz and Vestia are brought back, there's still hesitation. Victor and Ash then decide to at least keep up the facade for Carla. It's a great sense of open endedness yet is still a satisfying conclusion.
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