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The Doctor
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Default The Offenders - Marvel/Hulu Animated Universe

Marvel is producing four adult animated comedy shows, that will stream on Hulu. These shows are going to be M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey, Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler, and there is also going to be a crossover between the shows called The Offenders. Two notable names attached to these are Patton Oswalt, who is writing, producing and voicing M.O.D.O.K., and Kevin Smith, who is writing and producing Howard the Duck. Plus, Smith is trying to get Lea Thompson (the female lead of the infamous Howard the Duck movie) star on the show.





I admit, I did not saw this coming at all. Over the years, Marvel seems have become more and more apathetic towards animation and hasn't showed any interest to make anything for the adult fanbase on that particular front. Then, out of nowhere, they announce four adult cartoon shows and are clearly putting real money and production value into them, considering the talent they were able to get to produce and write them.

Admittedly, there's this selfish side of me that's little disappointed that none of these properties really interest me personally (nothing against them, I just love other Marvel characters more), but I'm willing to give each of them a fair shot. I mean, it's not like I cared all that much about Guardians of the Galaxy or Jessica Jones until they got their adaptations.

Personally, I'm most excited for Hit-Monkey, since there's potential for some cool stylized action scenes, even if the show overall is still a comedy (and it kinda has to when your main character in a monkey who kills people for money). Howard the Duck is a close second, since I do like Kevin Smith and he is an enormous geek, so I'm really suprised, if the show isn't stuffed with references, easter eggs and inside jokes. I kinda wish that Kevin ends up also voicing Howard, since he would be spot-on casting.

M.O.D.O.K. I kinda feel "eh" about, but Patton Oswalt is great choice for the role (kinda suprised actually that he has never come-up as a fan casting idea for the role) and incompetant super-villains do seem to be comedy gold in animation. Tigra & Dazzler is easily the show that I'm least interested about, since I really can't see what makes those two specifically a great comedic duo (I don't think they have ever interacted in the comics) or what their show could even be about.

I'm also not immediately excited about the crossover, since The Defenders was such a disappointment. Then again, it is going to be a comedy, so as long as the jokes are funny, it's not too big of a deal, if the story is little weak. I kinda have to wait and see how the individual shows are before making my mind.
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Music Meister
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Default Re: The Offenders - Marvel/Hulu Animated Universe

Hmmm, it is kinda out of no where for Marvel to do this.

I dunno, I wanna he hopeful but I honestly canít think of an adult animated series Iíve actually seen and liked. But I do like Patton Oswald and Kevin Smith are passionate enough and funny enough to bring something interesting.
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Default Re: The Offenders - Marvel/Hulu Animated Universe

Wouldíve preferred an adult animated series focused on action rather than a comedy.

Havenít really had a great animated Marvel adaptation in years. Still, maybe if this does good more opportunities will open up.
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Default Re: The Offenders - Marvel/Hulu Animated Universe

I think Marvel made these adult cartoons to comepte with the Harley Quinn cartoon from DC universe especially the recpetion it has gotten from promos but still excited for this since alot of talented people are involved. Hopefully they will be good and if good i hope Hulu do not axe this like the way Netflix genocided Marvel

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Default Re: The Offenders - Marvel/Hulu Animated Universe

Canada doesn't have Hulu so I won't be able to see this.

I'm curious how all of this will play out, I mean it has to at least be better than the current Marvel shows....right?
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Default Re: The Offenders - Marvel/Hulu Animated Universe

wanna watch it sooo bad
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