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Default 3Below: Tales of Arcadia

I just watched the first season of 3 Below, and I think this show is... okay. Not bad but it still has a lot of problems.

One is the fish out of water forumal. It's that same sort of story we've seen before where an alien or a group of aliens crash land to earth and are absolutely dumbfounded at human society, and they take certain idioms too seriously, and they don't know what stuff like money is and all that, and they act real quirky and hijinks insue... and honestly I hate it, I hate this approach to humor, I hated it with that one character from Star Wars: The Resistance and I hate it here, and I especially don't like how this applies to the overall approach to the fish out of water story.

Another problem is the pacing and timing, the invasion of the protagonists' planet just happens in the middle of some ceremony and we didn't get to take it in; and it's because of that we don't get to fully invest in the characters, heck over time I actually found Steve got more development than the actual main characters; but hey at leas they're still more rounded compared to the actual male villain who we have no backstory to and is just another typical bond villain, and there's even less to invest in him.

And if you look back to the reason why they left, there honestly aren't many stakes. Like instead of just having their parents in stasus or whatever that is, why not actually have them die?! Or at least have them taken as prisoners of war?!

And I guess another problem would be that it's basically a campier version of Sym-Byonic Titan. I know it's unfair to compare one show to another but I just gotta say it, in terms of the over all synopsis, and the three titular characters that are the center of that story and the struggles they go through, Sym-Bionic Titan did it better.

To me the way the characters tried to interact in that show felt more natural; since the characters already looked human, and they can produce money necessary to get into school, which they do quickly get the hang of; the characters are more engaging, the villain is a lot more threatening, and there's definitely a lot more at stake there. Heck looking back I think that show actually tried to back the cliches asociated with the fish out of water formula.

Actually here's an idea for a show with that formula. Why not have the humans be aliens?! Think about it, an animated show where a group of humans crash land in the middle of another planet they're unfamiliar with and they have to adjust to their society. And they don't try to hide from the government or whatever, people already know they exist and over time they come to be accepted in their society just like Cornelius and Zira in Escape from Planet of The Apes. There could be some potentially interesting commentary to go with that.

But I do hope season two will be a lot more engaging, and hopefully it could lead up to that other potential series that could bridge it with Trollhunters.
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