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Default Re: Diet?

It's actually interesting, this topic.
Cause I've been trying to find ways to fix my saliva from popping.

As a singer in a chorus for four to five years I can tell you this much about voicing.

Do NOT eat things that are crumbly.
such as breads, muffins, and so on.

It is easy to get caught in you throat and render you useless for the while.

Cold drinks and sugary drinks are a NO NO.
When you begin to voice something, your vocal chords are supposed to be warmed up. You can either do actual vocal exercises or just warm up your voice by singing a lowish song. Lowish, for your range, seeing as everyone is different.

This prevents your vocal chords from going dry, and also prevents you from losing your voice.

Hmmmm, those are the two BIG things you really have to avoid as a voicer/singer.

Mostly in this world, your ideal drink would be room temperature water.

Still, it's up to you how you treat your voice, just be careful doing whatever, and monitor your voice. After all, in this business, your voice is your golden ticket and if you lose it, YOU LOSE THE GAME.<- this was a legit thing, not trying to make you lose the game = A=

Happy Voicing <3
- FakeTsuki
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Default Re: Diet?

I usually just spring for a glass of water at room temperature whenever I record...I don't really seem to have this saliva issue that some are describing. If I'm speaking in a lower register I might grab a glass of milk because it tends to thicken up in the back of my throat and allows me to have a more gruff voice when I want that deep resonating growl.
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Default Re: Diet?

Some good teas I can recommend are Slippery Elm Tea, or any herbal tea with the Throat Coat or Yogi brand, as well as mint or peppermint teas and even rooibos.

Now I'm not sure if this counts as something dietry, but something that might be worth including into your diet as a voice actor is Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, or Honey Loquat Syrup.

It's something guys like Fred Tatasciore take whenever they're doing big monster voices, it helps soothes your throat and even coats it; you can take it by itself or if you're more comfortable add to something you like to drink like tea or juice or even just water.

You can't find them in your local drugstore mind you (so far as I know anyway) so your best option is local asian markets that do sell imported goods, or probably just to buy it online, particularly from sites like Amazon, mind you though it shipping may make it more pricey.

Just ordered mine yesterday so I expect it to arrive tomorrow. I hope it does me wonders.

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