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Default Beauty and the Beast (2017) updates - TYLERMIRAGE? Really? I didn't tag my name...

Hey, TylerMirage! Are you going update the foreign dubbed versions of "Beauty and the Beast (2017)" apart from Francisco Colmenero as Cogsworth and Sergio Zaldivar as Lumiere in Mexican Spainish version. Here's the list of the foreign voice actors in "Beauty and the Beast (2017)". Which I'm going to covered the first half and I'll be adding the second half until in the morning or afternoon.

Beast - Jair Campos (Latin American Spanish version), Alejandro Orozco (Latin American Spanish trailer version), Alexis Lefebvre (Canadian French version, speaking voice), Yoni Amar (both Canadian (singing voice only) and European French versions), Sascha Rotermund (German version), Andrea Mete (Italian version, speaking voice), Luca Velletri (Italian version, singing voice), Mike Wauters (Dutch version), Daniel Engman (Swedish version), Tomas Ambt Kofod (Danish version), Tuukka Leppänen (Finnish version), Kamil Kula (Polish version, speaking voice), Hubert Zapiór (Polish version, singing voice), Fábio Azevedo (Brazilian Portuguese version), Guilherme Barroso (European Portuguese version, speaking voice), Mário Redondo (European Portuguese version, singing voice)

Lumičre - Mario Filio (Latin American Spanish trailer version), Maël Davan-Soulas (Canadian French version, Speaking voice), Guillaume Beaujolais (Canadian French version, singing voice), (European French version), Marina Köhler (German version, speaking voice) Philipp Moog (German version, speaking voice) Thomas Amper (German version, singing voice), Frédéric Lachkar (Italian version), Jonathan Demoor (Dutch version), Albin Flinkas (Swedish version), Caspar Phillipson (Danish version), Paavo Kerosuo (Finnish version), (Polish version), Jacek Bończyk (Polish version), Ivan Parente (Brazilian Portuguese version), Alexandre Carvalho (European Portuguese version, speaking voice), David Ripado (European Portuguese version, singing voice)

Cogsworth (Din-Don spelled Dindón in closing Spainish credits and Big Ben in the French version) - José Lavat (Latin American Spanish trailer version), Guy Nadon (Canadian French version), Philippe Catoire (European French version), Ben Hecker (German version), Pietro Biondi (Italian version), Ivan Pecnik (Dutch version), Per Arne Wahlgren (Swedish version), Nis Bank-Mikkelsen (Danish version), Tom Wentzel (Finnish version, speaking voice) Markus Bäckman (Finnish version, singing voice), Marian Opania (Polish version), Luiz Carlos de Moraes (Brazilian Portuguese version, speaking voice), Nil de Paduá (Brazilian Portuguese version, singing voice), Rui Paulo (European Portuguese version)

Mrs. Potts (Sra. Potts in the Spanish version) - Irasema Terrazas (Latin American Spanish version), Manon Arsenault (Canadian French version, speaking voice), Sophie Delmas (both Canadian (singing voice only) and European French versions), Marina Köhler (German version, speaking voice) Marion Martienzen (German version, singing voice), Emanuela Rossi (Italian version, speaking version), Giň Giň Rapattoni (Italian version, singing voice), Anne Mie Gils (Dutch version), Vanna Rosenberg (Swedish version), Birgitte Raaberg (Danish version), Ulla Renko (Finnish version), Ewa Konstancja Bułhak (Polish version), Cidália Castro (Brazilian Portuguese version), Isabel Ribas (European Portuguese version, speaking voice), Cláudia Soares (European Portuguese version, singing voice)

Plumette - Olivia Gorra (Latin American Spanish version), Émilie Josset (Canadian French version), Magali Bonfils (European French version), Chloé Barreau (Italian version, speaking voice) Jacqueline Maiello Ferry (Italian version, singing voice), Cathy Petit (Dutch version), Tove Edfeldt (Swedish version), Katrine Falkenberg (Danish version), Raili Raitala (Finnish version), Ewa Prus (Polish version), Bianca Tadini (Brazilian Portuguese version), Diana Nicolau (European Portuguese version, speaking voice), Paula Teixeira (European Portuguese version, singing voice)

Chip (Zip in the French and Brazilian Portuguese version) - Matías Quintana Ortíz (Latin American Spanish version), Aloďs Agaësse-Mahieu (both Canadian and European French versions; credited as Aloďs Agaësse- - Mahieu), Alessandro Carloni (Italian version), Cezar Ameye (Dutch version), Vilgot Hedtjärn (Swedish version), Lucas Lomholt Eriksen (Danish version), Sampo Kovalainen (Finnish version), Antoni Tyszkiewicz (Polish version), Gustavo Baroli (Brazilian Portuguese version), Simăo Fonseca (European Portuguese version)

Madame de Garderobe - Audra McDonald (Original version), Claudia Cota (Latin American Spanish version), Natalie Hamel-Roy (Canadian French version, speaking voice), Frédérique Varda (both Canadian (singing voice only) and European French versions), Fiamma Izzo (Italian version), Ann Lauwereins (Dutch version), Karolina Andersson (Swedish version), Susanne Elmark (Danish version), Johanna Rusanen (Finnish version), Małgorzata Walewska (Polish version), Simone Luiz (Brazilian Portuguese version), Paula Fonseca (European Portuguese version, speaking voice), Sofia Escobar (European Portuguese version, singing voice)

Additional Voices (Spainish: Voces Adicionales; French: Voix Additionnelles) Did Additional Voices could count in foreign dubs of live-action series and movies in general?
Latin American Spainish version (Here's a link of an image.)

Canadian French version
Denis Mercier
Jean-Jacques Lamothe
Marine Guérin
Aurélle Morgane
Frédéric Desager
Fannie Rainville
Elise Bertrand
Manon Leblanc
Alexandre Fortin
Pierre-Etienne Rouillard
Sébastien Reding
Martin Desgagné
Annie Girard
Philippe Cousineau

Finnish version
Ella Pyhältö
Petri Hanttu
Markus Blom
Pasi Piispanen
Pekka Kuorikoski
Mikko Jokinen
Matti Holi
Antti L. J. Pääkkönen
Katja Aakkula
Petrus Kähkönen
Aku Laitinen
Antti Timonen
Ilari Hämäläinen
Heljä Heikkinen
Nina Tapio
Saana Norra
Ninni Norra
Seera Alexander
Luca Vieri
Juhana Vaittinen
Verna Kossila
Taru Eronen
Antti Matikainen
Jennie Storbacka
Pinja Rautio
Ville-Veikko Niemelä

Brazilian Portuguese version
Angélica Santos
Anna Giulia Chantre
César Emilio
Dláigelles Riba
Fernando Mendonça
Francisco Brętas
Glauco Marques
Jussara Marques
Rosely Gonçalves
Samira Fernandes
Shallana Costa
Suzete Piloto
Sylvia Salusti
Thiago Longo
Wellington Lima

Sources: Region 1 DVD for Mexican Spanish and Canadian French versions, https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Bel...)#Distribution, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Die_Sc...ynchronisation, https://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sk%C3%...(film_fra_2017), https://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beauty...ja_hirvi%C3%B6, https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi%C4%...tia_(film_2017), https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sk%C3%...et_(film,_2017), http://es.doblaje.wikia.com/wiki/La_...a_Bestia_(2017), and https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beauty...he_Beast_(2017)
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Default Re: Beauty and the Beast (2017) updates - TYLERMIRAGE

1. Do NOT tag admins' names in the thread title. This is not for users to do, it is for admins/mods to do so we can determine how to divide up tasks.

2. You have been asked several times by now to stop pestering admins/mods about foreign language requests. You keep doing it despite repeatedly apologizing and saying you will stop. When you are asked to stop, that means stop.

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Default Re: Beauty and the Beast (2017) updates - TYLERMIRAGE

In addition to what NCZ said,

3.) This is not the place to request this kind of content. We have request forums for that. This forum is for general discussion of foreign and international voice actors.

4.) ^We aren't currently accepting requests for foreign language content at this time, so don't think about creating another thread there.

5.) And even if we did accept foreign language content requests, wikis are not a valid source of verification.

6.) Why did you tag my name in this thread in the first place? I'm not in charge of the page, so addressing this to me personally was pointless.

Once your ban expires, please (re)familiarize yourself with the site's FAQs, rules and other things that mods/admins have already warned you about several times.
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