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Default The Boondocks

With the news of The Boondocks returning and with the unfortunate passing of John Witherspoon, I decided to make a fancast for the classic 2000s cartoon:

Huey Freeman-Erica Luttrell
Riley Freeman-Erica Luttrell
Robert "Granddad" Freeman-Phil Morris
Tom DuBois-Phil LaMarr
Sarah DuBois-Grey Griffin
Jazmine DuBois-Diamond White
Uncle Ruckus-Michael-Leon Wooley

Ed Wuncler Sr.-Frank Welker
Ed Wuncler III-Jordan Peele
Gin Rummy-Keegan-Michael Key
Cindy McPhearson-Jessica DiCicco
Otis Jenkins/Thugnificent-James C. Mathis III
--Macktastic-T.J. Storm
--Flonominal-Christopher B. Duncan
--Leonard-Ogie Banks
Colonel H. Stinkmeaner-Phil LaMarr
A Pimp Named Slickback-Reno Wilson
Gangsterlicious-J.B. Smoove
Mrs. Van Heusen-Frances Conroy
Bushido Brown-Billy Brown
The White Shadow-Bruce Greenwood

So what does anyone think?
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