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Post Legend of Legaia

Legend of Legaia for the Playstation 1 is one of the 1st JRPGs I have ever played as a kid, along with Final Fantasy 7. Decided to make a Dreamcast if this overlooked gem ever gets a Modern Remake. This was a tricky list for me to make since there was only Voice Acting in Combat (Japanese with Most of the Victory Quotes cut out in the English Release) for a couple of characters.

Playable Cast:
Vahn Michael Sinterniklaas
Meta Wendee Lee
Noa Kira Buckland
Terra Jessica Straus
Gala Kyle Hebert
Ozma Jamieson Price

Supporting Cast:
Mei Brianna Knickerbocker
Maya Veronica Taylor
Nene Sandy Fox
Val Kirk Thornton
Village Elder Steve Kramer
Tetsu Keith Silverstein
King Drake Ray Chase
Cara Megan Hollingshead
Hari Erin Fitzgerald
Dr. Usha Terrence Stone
Archduke Nebula Paul St. Peter
Duchess Minea Dorothy Fahn
Tieg Todd Haberkorn

Songi Armen Taylor
Zeto Michael McConohie
Xain Josh Petersdorf
Lord Saryu Marc Diraison
Dohati Christopher Corey Smith
Gaza Richard Epcar
Gi Delilas Kaiji Tang
Lu Delilas Faye Mata
Che Delilas Patrick Seitz
Zora Allegra Clarke
Rogue Karen Strassman
Jette Spike Spencer
Cort Xander Mobus
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Default Re: Legend of Legaia

Decided to conjure up an Ocean Dreamcast for Legaia 2: Duel Saga. Cause man did the Official Dub not aged well.

Lang - Kirby Morrow
Maya - Chantal Strand
Kazan - Scott McNeil
Sharon - Venus Terzo
Ayne - Mark Gibbon
Galvan - Michael Kopsa
Marienne - Tabitha St. Germain
Elliot - Brad Swaile
Bubba - Micheal Dobson
Balken/Raynof/Vixen - Brian Dobson
Rauss - Brian Drummond
Doplin - Lee Tocker
Velna - Janyse Jaud
Avalon - Paul Dobson
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