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Default ReBoot: The Guardian Code


I squeeze gats.

Originally Posted by Scott McNeil on Dragon Ball Kai not being aired yet in Canada.
It was deemed to be too awesome.
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Default Re: ReBoot: The Guardian Code

I have opinions...
Originally Posted by Optimus Prime
A neccessary sacrifice to bring peace to this planet. We cannot let the humans pay for our mistakes.
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Default Re: ReBoot: The Guardian Code

Wow, this looks terrible. Over a year ago when I heard that Reboot would be getting more I was expecting more like what we got with Samurai Jack Season 5. Not a lame live-action/computer animation remake that has more in common with Code Lyoko than it does Reboot.
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Angry Re: ReBoot: The Guardian Code

I'm feeling the way most people did when they saw the Ghostbusters 2016 trailer.
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Default Re: ReBoot: The Guardian Code

Everything about this show physically hurts me, taking the bare minimum from a series that had so much talent behind it, great characters, great storytelling, a legacy as one of the first CGI cartoons, etc. and producing something it never was. This is ReBoot in name only.

If they seriously wanted to do a sequel, there are far better ways that could had both respected what came before while being "new" enough for a new generation today. That being pulling a Star Trek: TNG or Legend of Korra. Have the series set years after that original cliffhanger, we're now following a new group of characters (they can even be cadet Guardians) being sent on missions across the net, anywhere between viral issues to dealing with games. As the series goes on, over time reintroduce the old cast, while catching up on what we missed (Like "young" Enzo is now a Guardian himself (hell, maybe he's leading the new team), maybe Bob's retired, Mouse has been missing for years, etc. And then a massive plot starts to kick in that is tied to what happened after original series cliffhanger ending, thus we "old fans" get closure while new fans aren't entirely lost/feel forced to pick up the original just to catch up on things.

But no... instead let's do another Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad/Zixx/Cyberchase/TRON-type show and call it "ReBoot" because brand name nostalgia equals profit.

Sigh, here's another video having more of Megabyte talking, and another familiar face for them to ruin.

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