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Post Legend of Heroes: Trails

Decided to conjure up a cast for the Crossbell Arc (Trails of Zero and Azure). This will be mainly be focusing on characters introduced here, meaning characters from the Sky games that appears here will not be listed, especially since they have already established VAs. Here's hoping the Kai Ports for PS4 be localized.

Lloyd Bannings – Robbie Daymond (Official)
Elie MacDowell – Jessica DiCicco
Tio Plato – Kayli Mills (Official)
Randolph “Randy” Orlando – Jonah Scott (Official)
Noel Seeker – Caitlin Glass
Wazy Hemisphere – Aaron Dismuke
Alex Dudley – Kyle Hebert
Rixia Mao – Erica Mendez (Official)

KeA – Tia Ballard
Zeit – Marc Diraison
Sergei Lou – JB Blanc
Fran Seeker – Christine Marie Cabanos
Cecile Neues – Julia McIlvaine
Guy Bannings – Ray Chase
Sonia Balz – Laura Post
Mireille – Ryan Bartley
Ilya Platiere – Jennifer Losi
Sully Atraid – Brina Palencia
Marconi – Richard Epcar
Garcia Rossi – Jason Douglas
Cao Lee – Jerry Jewell
Joachim Gunter – Greg Chun
Dieter Crois – Christopher Sabat
Mariabell Crois – Monica Rial
Arios MacLaine – J. Michael Tatum
Sizuku MacLaine – Brina Palencia (Elle from Xillia 2 voice)
Sigmund Orlando – David Lodge
Shirley Orlando – Amanda Lee Connors (Official)
Wald Wales – David Wald
Grace Lynn – Dorothy Fahn
Michel – David Vincent
Jona Sacred – Amanda Celine Miller
Ian Grimwood – Paul St. Peter
Arianrhod - Cherami Leigh (Official)

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Default Re: Legend of Heroes: Trails

Originally Posted by doodlebugfour View Post
Here's hoping the Kai Ports for PS4 be localized.
Unfortunately that would be not possible because the source code for the two games are lost in time.

Also what's with the Union actors, is the going to be a Valerie Arem directed dub just like Cold Steel?
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Default Re: Legend of Heroes: Trails

I didn't have a specific voice director in mind. Also I doubt most of these castings will ever become a reality since it's highly likely they will most likely mainly use Newer LA VAs Im not too familiar with.
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Default Re: Legend of Heroes: Trails

Just finished Trails in the Sky FC. Good game though it would have been nice fully dubbed. I like most of the original casting, so here's what I would like if there was a PCB full dub a la Evo. Some will end up being the same cause I did end up liking 99% of the original casting. Consider this more of a filling in the blanks endeavor.

Estelle Bright - Stephanie Sheh
Joshua Bright - Johnny Yong Bosch
Scherazard Harvey - Michelle Ruff
Olivier Lenheim - Matthew Mercer
Kloe Rinz - Cristina Vee
Tita Russell - Brianna Knickerbocker
Agate Crosner - Ben Pronsky
Zin Vathek - Patrick Seitz
Cassius Bright - JB Blanc
Alan Richard - Crispin Freeman
Kanone Amalthea - Erin Fitzgerald
Josette Capua - Julie Ann Taylor
Kyle Capua - Ari Ruben
Don Capua - Josh Petersdorf
Kurt Nardin - Andrew Bowen
Anelace Elfead - Cherami Leigh (Cassandra is better suited to Fie and Alfyn IMO)
Mueller Vander - Kyle Hebert
Nial Burns - David Lodge
Dorothy Hyatt - Melissa Fahn
Dunan - Spike Spencer
Professor Alba/Georg Weissman - Dave B Mitchell
Lorrance/Lowe - Dave Wittenberg

Will probably add more when I finish SC and the 3rd.

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Default Re: Legend of Heroes: Trails

Finished up the Zero fan translation just the other day, so I'll give a cast a go:

Lloyd - Billy Kametz
Ellie - Abby Trott
Tio - Cherami Leigh
Randy - Jonah Scott

Sergei - Chris Sabat
KeA - Corina Boettger
Grimwood - Paul St Peter
Harold - Greg Chun
Sophia - Fryda Wolff
Colin - Colleen O'Shauganessy
Jona - Melissa Hutchinson
Ilya - Allegra Clark
Rixia - Erica Mendez
Marconi - Richard Epcar
Garcia - JB Blanc
Fran - Reba Buhr
Dudley - J Michael Tatum
McDowell - John Demita
Earnest - Chris Hackney
Hartmann - Alan Shearman
Grace - Julie Ann Taylor
Cao Lee - Kaiji Tang
Dieter - Dave B Mitchell
Mariabell - Amanda Winn Lee
Arios - Crispin Freeman
Estelle - Stephanie Sheh
Joshua - Johnny Yong Bosch
Wazy - Jason Liebrecht
Wald - Matt Mercer
Cecile - Laura Post
Guy - Ray Chase
Joachim - Ezra Weisz
Shizuku - Ryan Bartley
Sonya - Tara Platt
Noel - Caitlin Glass
Renne - Jackie Lastra
Kilika - Minae Noji
Lechter - Max Mittleman

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