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Default Fullmetal Alchemist

Before actually posting my cast list, I just want to point out that I searched to see if there was already a FMA thread. If there is, I want to save myself the time wasting. If not:

If Funimation didn't dub the series, who would you pick to voice the characters? You can include both the 2003 series and Brotherhood.
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Default Re: Fullmetal Alchemist

There is one for Brotherhood, but not sure about the original series.

Also, looking at the date of my entry - TWO YEARS AGO?! Have I really been here that long?
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Default Re: Fullmetal Alchemist

If the show was given to NYAV instead of FUNimation? (Expect a few Muppeteers on the dream cast)

Voice Director: Dan Green, Michael Sinterniklaas

Sebastian Arcelus - Edward Elric
Jake Burbage - Alphonse Elric
Debora Rabbai - Winry Rockbell
Marc Diraison - Scar
Dan Green - Roy Mustang
Jon Avner - Fuhrer King Bradley / Pride
Marc Thompson - Alex Louis Armstrong
Michele Knotz - Lust
James Carter Cathcart - Maes Hughes
Erica Schroeder - Izumi Curtis
Sondra James - Pinako Rockbell
Rachael Lillis - Riza Hawkeye
Marc Diraison - Frank Archer
Veronica Taylor - Maria Ross
Jessica Calvello - Sheska
Ted Lewis - Jean Havoc
Alissa Brodsky - Envy
Peter Linz - Gluttony
David Moo - Shou Tucker
Eric Stuart - Solf J. Kimblee
Julian Rebolledo - Greed
Michelle Newman - Wrath
Erica Schroeder - Gracia Hughes
Jessica Calvello - Rose Thomas
Lisa Ortiz - Lyra
Gary Mack - Yoki
Bill Timoney - Barry the Chopper / Number 66
Amy Palant - Rick
Michael Sinterniklaas - Leo / Rio
Eric Stuart - Russell Tringham
Julian Rebolledo - Kain Fuery
David Wills - Vato Falman
Corinne Orr - Dante
Amy Palant - Marta
David Logan Rankin - Hohenheim
Marc Diraison - Law
Adam Sietz - Heymans Breda
Tara Sands - Selim Bradley
Eric Stuart - Dorochet
Tony Salerno - Tim Marcoh
Walter Mudu - Sig Curtis
Carol Jacobanis - Sloth / Juliet Douglas
Ted Lewis - Denny Brosh
Peter Fernandez - Basque Grand
Michele O'Medlin - Elicia Hughes
Chris Phillips - Bido
Jake T. Austin - Fletcher Tringham
Wayne Grayson - Mason
Tyler Bunch - Scar's Master
Marc Thompson - Hakuro
Sean Schemmel - Liore Shopkeeper

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