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Default Voice Acting Presentation Sugestions

Okay so for my University project on Visual Studies I decided to talk about Voice Acting... that'll go over well.

Though to try and make it more linked to the visual aspect, I've talked in my diary (1000 words) about how voice acting is capable of creating characters.

The problem is I'm having trouble finding great quotes or examples where well known voice actors talk about voice acting creating characters in general, whether it books or talks.

For examples I'm thinking of talking about Mel Blanc or Frank Welker a little bit, and maybe a more modern day voice actor to maybe compare them. Or maybe a specific scene where the voice overpowers the characters, like Tom Hanks as Woody or something along those lines. Maybe I could mute a scene similar to this to see if it is still as impactful without the voices.

If anyone knows of any inspirational or relevant talks or quote from voice actors I would greatfully appreciate it. The presentation is for friday but the sooner the better of course.

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