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Default Saint Seyia Dream Cast

Now What if there was an American verision, as well as revival of the Franchise Saint Seiya? I think this would be boss.

Bronze Saints
Will Friedle-Pegasus Seiya
Josh Keaton-Dragon Shiryū
Matthew Mercer-Cygnus Hyōga
David Faustino-Andromeda Shun
Christopher Daniel Barnes-Phoenix Ikki
Benjamin Diskin-Unicorn Jabu
Robin Atkin Downes-Hydra Ichi
Brian Bloom-Wolf Nachi
Yuri Lowenthal-Lionet Ban
Nolan North-Bear Geki
Tasia Valenza-Chameleon June
Hynden Walch-Saori Kido/Athena

Clive Revill-Hades
Graham McTavish-Poseidon
Grey DeLisle-Mermaid Thetis, Eris: Goddess of Discord
Steven Blum-Sea Horse Baian
Brian Bloom-Scylla Io
Dee Bradley Baker-Chrysaor Krishna
Travis Willingham-Lyumnades Caša
Troy Baker-Kraken Isaac
Cam Clarke-Siren Sorrento
Matt Lanter-Black Pegasus
Josh Keaton-Black Shiryū
Matthew Mercer-Black Hyōga
David Faustino-Black Shun
John DiMaggio-Django

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Default Re: Saint Seyia Dream Cast

I may have to do Omega Soon.
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Neo Shadow King
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Post Re: Saint Seyia Dream Cast

Well, this show does deserve a good, complete dub, after all...

Pegasus Seiya: Max Mittleman
Dragon Shiryu: Ray Chase
Cygnus Hyoga: Robbie Daymond
Andromeda Shun: Kyle McCarley
Phoenix Ikki: Matthew Mercer
Athena: Erika Harlacher
Aries Mu: Johnny Yong Bosch
Taurus Aldebaran: Jamieson Price
Gemini Saga: David Vincent
Cancer Deathmask: Christopher Corey Smith
Leo Aiola: Todd Haberkorn
Virgo Shaka: Yuri Lowenthal
Libra Dohko: Kaiji Tang
Scorpio Milo: Mike McFarland
Sagittarius Aiolos: Grant George
Capricorm Shura: Lex Lang
Aquarius Camus: Liam O'Brien
Pisces Aphrodite: Doug Erholtz

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Default Re: Saint Seyia Dream Cast

Since Sentai did what was seemingly impossible and dubbed the entirety of the original TV show, I wonder if they'd ever take a crack at the four movies made around the same time? (Yes, even The Heated Battle of the Gods, despite them already dubbing the Asgard saga that was inspired by it.) Here's who I'd cast, from their talent pool, as the new characters introduced in these movies:

The Evil Goddess Eris (1987)
-Eri Aizawa/Eris - Trina Nishimura (almost used Emily Neves, who voices Saori/Athena, in a bit of MHA-related irony)
-Orion Jńger - Clifford Chapin
-Crux Khristˇs - David Matranga
-Scutum Jan - Justin Cook
-Lyra Orpheus - J. Michael Tatum
-Saggita Maya - Josh Grelle

The Heated Battle of the Gods (1988)
-Gothi Drbal - Charles Campbell
-Frey - Ricco Fajardo
-Freya - Lindsay Seidel
-Loki - Newton Pittman
-Midgard - Patrick Poole (see the movie and you'll see why)
-Ullr - Kellen Goff
-Rung - Chris Rager

The Legend of Crimson Youth (1988)
-Phoebus Abel - Alex Organ
-Carina Atlas - Joel McDonald
-Coma Berenices - Christopher Bevins
-Lynx Jaō - Mike McFarland

Warriors of the Final Holy War (1989)
-Lucifer - Ian Sinclair
-Thrones Mois - Jerry Jewel
-Seraph Beelzebub - Christopher Wehkamp
-Virtues Eligor - Eric Vale
-Cherub Ashtaroth - Brandon McInnis

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