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Default Hi, I'm new here

So, just joined a few minutes ago, got no idea what I'm doing, where to go, what to say, have absolutely no experience in voice acting, no training, no practice, and, quite frankly, feel kinda lost. For a long time I've had a moderate interest in voice work, though no ambition to act upon it in any way. Recently, however, my interest in vocal work has piqued. I have received many compliments from complete strangers, encouragement from friends and co-workers, and have nothing better to do with my time.

I've done some light research into voice acting, but without knowing where to even start I feel like a blind man walking into a labyrinth. Some advice would be greatly appreciated, perhaps a nudge in the correct direction or even a slap in the face and a shout to tell me what I've done wrong.

I understand that I may seem like I'm getting in over my head, and perhaps I am, but I know something like this isn't as simple as some random person with a crappy microphone making it to the big leagues. I feel inspired, motivated even, and want a taste of what it's like to be the voice behind a beloved character, to speak their words and feel their emotions. I'll start as small as I have to, I feel ambitious about this, but not so much so as to pour my very soul into this new life style.

Also, I haven't done anything noteworthy with my life thus far, so I figured that perhaps this is as good a start as any.
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