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Default Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (and maybe a bit of 1)

Ok, so I'm avoiding any trailers for the new Sonic movie. I hate Encanto because I thought it was short and dumb due to all of the hype. I will be GOING to the PREMIERE of that movie. I AM A HUGE SONIC FAN. What does everyone in BTVA think of the movie? Did you like the other movie? Did you not like it? Do you think the second movie will be good?

I LOVED the 1st movie! The only thing I very much disliked was the NO ONE HuRTs mY FRIeNDS thing. That was dumb. Nickelodeon cr*p. I remember when at the end Tails was revealed. Everyone in the movie theatre (which by the way was packed) was cheering. Especially my brother, who is a big Tails fan I might add. I was SURPRISED actually. REALLY SURPRISED. I thought that this would be the only Sonic movie and only have Sonic in it. What I REALLY enjoyed was how when everything left the theatre, people were still talking about the movie, mostly the Tails reveal. Those moments make me love the movie even more. I also really enjoyed it was a box office hit, which I thought it was going to bomb horribly because...Sonic.

VERY MUCH excited for the 2nd movie. I love how it sticks with the original premise. I DO have a very unpopular opinion tho. Colleen O' Shaughnessy as Tails? That's great, super cool that you don't have to be a movie star to be in a big movie. BUT. I would've enjoyed if a young boy, similar to Corey Bringas, would play Tails. But it's not like if that didn't happen I would HATE the movie.

What does everyone else think?

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Default Re: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (and maybe a bit of 1)

Sonic the Hedgehog was never something that interested me growing up. I never played any of the games. I never watched any of the shows. I barely knew anything beyond "Sonic's the blue hedgehog and these are the adventures he has with his friends, Kilometers the Yellow Fox and Brass Knuckles the Red One".

I had only a moderate interest in the live-action film originally, if only to see what on Earth it would be like and what us online nerds were getting our panties in a bunch about with the design.

So I rented it on iTunes. And I really enjoyed it. Money well spent. I felt that it did its job and it did its job well. My general consensus was "Yep, that's pretty much what I would expect from a live-action Sonic movie".

Then a few weeks later I borrowed it from my local library to rewatch it and check out the behind-the-scenes material.

Then a few weeks later I borrowed it from the library again for a rewatch.

I contemplated buying it on Blu-Ray, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Then a few months later I borrowed it for a third time from the library to watch with my buddy who is a Sonic fan. It was a blast to watch it with someone who understood and appreciated the material better than I did.

Fast-forward to now, and I can honestly say that Sonic 2 is one of my most anticipated movies of the year. Ever since it was announced, I kid you not, I was looking forward to a sequel more than any Marvel or DC or Transformers movie coming out in 2021-2023. And pending any unforeseen circumstances, I'll be there in the theatres watching it on the big-screen.
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Default Re: Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (and maybe a bit of 1)

The sonic movie was REALLY GOOD! It was even better than the first movie, IMO!!!

I want to get this out of my system while it's still fresh in my head.


Ok, so I really really reaaaly enjoyed this movie! It was really good! But do you know what didn't look good? That Blazing Samurai movie. I saw the trailer and it basically looked like your typical nickelodeon movie. Fart stock sounds and all.

One thing I did not like was all the pop culture references. However, they weren't unbearable and ruined the movie. I was ready to cringe when Sonic played uPtOwN fUnK, expecting some Fortnite dances and Flosses, but I was wrong. No cringy dances. So that made me happy.

I also didn't like how Sonic's fRieNdS (I complained about the whole friends thing earlier) were now basically his pArEnTs!? WHAT!? I didn't get that. It felt...weird.

The post-credits scene last time was Tails. But this time it was...Shadow. HOWEVER, I did not know this because I had to go to the bathroom, but when I came back, every 7-year-old kid who was walking out of the theater, with their parents of course, was like:

I wasn't surprised, somewhat excited due to shadow being one of my favorite sonic characters and playing him no matter what in the Mario and Sonic games, but not surprised. I still thought that it would be pretty cool for the next movie.

I do wish that Tails had more character development, like Sonic and Knuckles, but it's not like that will ruin the movie for me.

GUN had tasers...? Instead of..., you know...real guns? Oh well, It's PG.

I did enjoy the whole Super Sonic and Chaos Emerald thing. It really stayed true to the game, as well as adding some of its own aspects here and there, which I enjoyed as well.

To be honest, I was actually kind of worried when the movie began and thought it was going to be more kiddie humor, brand placing, and fart jokes. But I was wrong...again. Yes, they did have a fart joke. But there were only TWO. AAAND, these "fart jokes" were not actually fart jokes. They either say the word for comedy or make a fart sound with their mouth. So I, again, was very relieved.

In the end, I really enjoyed this movie. Like, really really enjoyed it. I thought it was really good! The movie actually really lived up to my expectations. So, I really would recommend to see this movie. I enjoyed it a lot. 9.5/10

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