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Default Mike Shepherd - NOT A MISTAKE

Something that I've been meaning to address since the old CrystalAcids days... Mike Shepherd

On here and CrystalAcids, it's Mike. On his officially edited IMDB (that there's a headshot added confirms it, as I believe you must be the actual person [or their agent or somesuch] to add headshots now), it's Michael.

The only time he's ever been credited as Mike to my knowledge would be Gregory Horror Show. It's always Michael otherwise, and I think should be changed accordingly. I think this all originates from the CrystalAcids profile of him first being created for their entry for Gregory Horror Show. This is the oldest the Wayback machine goes for his CA page. Of the other titles on there at that point:

Flame of Recca - Michael
Hoop Days - Michael
Jubei-Chan 2 - Michael
DICE: Uncredited
Mega Man X: Day of Sigma: Michael
Law of Ueki - Michael

Also, each and every credit image already on the site is Michael. Thinking we should change it to Michael.
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Default Re: Mike Shepherd - NOT A MISTAKE

Hey millicent, thanks for all of the links and research. His entry was created as "Mike" likely because his first entry into the site was from Gregory Horror. But given that "Mike" is short for "Michael" and given that it'd wreak havoc with any associated polls by renaming him, we'll leave this be, as it's not a mistake.
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