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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Mario is Missing

Oh yeah, this thing.

Looking at the credits, there are six voices listed.

Kathy Fitzgerald
Rob Wallace
Bob Sorenson
Nicholas Glaeser
David Gill
Bruce Sandig

Kathy Fitzgerald is the only female voice actress in the game, so she'd be assigned to Peach.

David Gill's only credit was in this game, and there was a kid character in this game. It's not too hard to say that David was a kid when this was recorded, and he only was in this game before disappearing from Earth.

Bruce Sandig and Rob Wallace are video composers, so I bet it's going to be especially hard identifying whom these guys played.

Bob Sorenson and Nicholas Glaeser are both New York actors (along with Fitzgerald) that haven't been identified as any character yet.

I did however find a clip of Nicholas Glaeser as "Antonio the Barber" in a production he was in.

Clip (he's the barber talking about the land of the orange sky)

I figure that it sounds a bit like Mario..?

For Bob Sorenson, I've found a clip for him too (he's the maid in black). I figured he sounds either like Luigi or Toad.

For similar sounding characters, the aforementioned Luigi and Toad sound alike, as do Bowser and Larry Koopa.

I'll try and investigate more into these actors, as well as try and get info from Rob Wallace and Bruce Sandig. Feel free to help, and thanks!

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