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Default Re: Teen Titans

It might be interesting to hear Starfire with Terra's voice. (Starfire's Hungarian VA also did Gretchen from "Recess", amusingly enough.)

I also give the thumbs-up to Ogie Banks as Cyborg, Carlos Alazraqui as Mas y Menos, and Kari Wahlgren as Jinx. (My brother should know more about the Titans characters, because I hardly ever watched the 2003 series)
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Default Re: Teen Titans

All-Canadian (Toronto):

Beast Boy: Cory Doran
Raven: Tara Strong (recording in LA, like with My Little Pony)
Robin: Scott McCord
Starfire: Annick Obonsawin
Cyborg: Clé Bennett

Voice direction: Deb Toffan
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Robin/Nightwing - Will Friedle
Cyborg - Rickey D'Shon Collins
Raven - Grey Griffin
Beast Boy - David Kaufman
Starfire - Vanessa Marshall
Speedy - Chris Hardwick
Static - Little JJ
Terra - Danica McKellar
Superboy - Jason Marsden
Wonder Girl - Kari Wahlgren

Slade - Diedrich Bader
Brother Blood - Daran Norris
Mother Mae-Eye - Nancy Cartwright
Mad Mod - Mark Hamill
Madame Rouge - Jennifer Hale

H.I.V.E Academy:
Red X - Josh Keaton
Mammoth - Travis Willingham
Jinx - Kate Higgins
Gizmo - Dee Bradley Baker
Ravager - Laura Bailey

Trigon - Fred Tatasciore

Mumbo - Dana Snyder

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Default Re: Teen Titans

Robin is Antony Del Rio
Cyborg is Kevin Michael Richardson
Raven is Stephanie Young
Beast Boy is Vic Mignogna
Starfire is Paige Moss
Terra is Samantha Kelly
Slade is Richard Epcar
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Default Re: Teen Titans


Robin/Dick Grayson - Jesse McCartney
Kid Flash/Wally West - Jason Spisak
Cyborg - Khary Payton
Beast Boy- Ben Diskin
Raven - Cree Summer
Wonder Girl/Donna Troy - Lacey Chabert
Starfire - Janet Varney


Deathstroke - Mark Rolston
Doctor Light - Dee Bradley Baker
Psimon - Robert Englund
Gizmo - John DiMaggio
Mammoth - Fred Tatasciore
Shimmer - Vanessa Marshall
Trigon - Mark Hamill
Ravager/Grant Wilson - Crispin Freeman
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Default Re: Teen Titans

Main Cast
Yuri Lowenthal as Robin

Hynden Walch as Starfire

Olivia Olson as Raven

Phil LaMarr as Cyborg

Eric Bauza as Beast Boy

Recurring Roles
Clancy Brown as Slade

Candi Milo as Gizmo

Stephanie Lemelin as Jinx

Fred Tatasciore as Mammoth and Robotman

Frank Welker as Cinderblock, Plasmius, and See-More

Hynden Walch as Blackfire and Madam Rouge

Maurice LaMarche as Doctor Light and Mumbo Jumbo

James Arnold Taylor as Aqualad and Billy Numerous

Crispin Freeman as Speedy

Crystal Scales as Bumblebee

Carlos Alazraqui as Más Y Menos

Laura Bailey as Terra

Jonathan Adams as Trigon and Monsieur Mallah

Steve Blum as Brother Blood

Corey Burton as Brain and Mad Mod

David Kaye as General Immortus and Mento

Yuri Lowenthal as Red X

Eric Bauza as Control Freak

Thomas Haden Church as Killer Moth

Jason Spisak as Kid Flash

Grey Delisle as Elasti-Girl

Nolan North as Negative Man

Laura Bailey as Kitty

Dee Bradley Baker as Silkie

Guest Stars
Carlos Alazraqui as Kai

Fred Tatasciore as Cron Trident, Spike, and the Guardians of the River, Caves, and Trees

Scott S. Bullock as Thunder

Jason Spisak as Lightning

Jeff Bennett as Fixit

Tracey Walter as the Puppet King

Dee Bradley Baker as Tramm, Overload, the Alien Dog, Larry and Gnarrk

Josh Keaton as Cash

Matt Levin as Sammy

David Kaye as Warp

Yuri Lowenthal as Nightwing

Bill Fagerbakke as Soto

Steve Blum as Atlas

James Arnold Taylor as Fang, Punk Rocket, and Red Star

Cathy Cavadini as the Cirolneilien Chrysalis Hunter

Michael Ironside as the Master of Games

David Sobolov as the Wildebeest, Galfore, and Krall

Phil LaMarr as Hotspot

Brian Bloom as Johnny Rancid

James Hong as Professor Chang

Frank Welker as Glrdsklechhh

Troy Baker as Malchior

Eric Bauza as Adonis

Juli Erickson as Chu-hui, The True Master

Keong Young as Katarou

Kimberly Brooks as Sarasim

Corey Burton as Bob

Paul Rugg as the Source and Joaquim

Travis Willingham as Val-Yor

David Lodge as Raskov

Laura Bailey as Kole

Kath Soucie as Melvin and Timmy

E.G Daily as Teether

David Sobolov as Ding Dong Daddy

Hynden Walch as Argent and Rebecca

Phil LaMarr as Herald

Alanna Ubach as Pantha

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