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Default Drifters

I figured might as well do a cast list for this anime since the dub premiere is tonight, not lal the characters are here, just the ones that have shown up so far in the show.

I'll also do a few other talent pools as well.

Drifters (FUNimation):

Jason Liebrecht - Shimazu Toyohisa
Christopher Sabat - Oda Nobunaga
Ryan Reynolds - Nasu Suketaka Yoichi
R. Bruce Elliot - Hannibal Barca
Kent Williams - Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
Ian Sinclair - Butch Cassidy
David Wald - Sundance Kid
Justin Cook - Naoshi Kanno
John Swasey - Tamon Yamaguchi

Josh Grelle - Abe no Seimei
Christopher Guerrero - Kafeto/Ham
Alexis Tipton - Olminu

Jeremy Schwartz - Black King
Jason Douglas - Hijikata Toshizō
Elizabeth Maxwell - Joan of Arc
Chris Rager - Gilles de Rais
Anatasia Munoz - Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
J. Michael Tatum - Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
Micah Solusod - Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Aaron Roberts - Aram
Austin Tindle - Shara
Whitney Rodgers - Easy
Chuck Huber - Murasaki

Drifters (Ocean):

Vincent Tong - Shimazu Toyohisa
Scott McNeil - Oda Nobunaga
Ashleigh Ball - Nasu Suketaka Yoichi
Richard Newman - Hannibal Barca
Russell Roberts - Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
Michael Daingerfield Hall - Butch Cassidy
Jason Simpson - Sundance Kid
Andrew Francis - Naoshi Kanno
Don Brown - Tamon Yamaguchi

Brad Swaile - Abe no Seimei
Ian Hanlin - Kafeto/Ham
Kira Tozer - Olminu

Colin Murdock - Black King
Paul Dobson - Hijikata Toshizō
Kathleen Barr - Joan of Arc
Mark Gibbon - Gilles de Rais
Tabitha St. Germain - Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
Michael Kopsa - Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
Matt Hill - Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Peter New - Aram
Adrian Petriw - Shara
Kelly Sheridan - Easy
Brian Drummond – Murasaki

Drifters (NYAV Post):

Daniel J. Edwards - Shimazu Toyohisa
Richard Epcar - Oda Nobunaga
Michelle Newman - Nasu Suketaka Yoichi
John Snyder - Hannibal Barca
Mike Pollock - Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus
Matthew Mercer - Butch Cassidy
Doug Erholtz - Sundance Kid
Ben Diskin - Naoshi Kanno
Dave B. Mitchell - Tamon Yamaguchi

Michael Sinterniklaas - Abe no Seimei
Christopher Niosi - Kafeto/Ham
Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld – Olminu

Jon Avner - Black King
Marc Diraison - Hijikata Toshizō
Erin Fitzgerald - Joan of Arc
Patrick Seitz - Gilles de Rais
Veronica Taylor - Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
John DeMita - Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
Johnny Yong Bosch - Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Sean Schemmel – Aram
Steve Staley - Shara
Erica Lindbeck - Easy
Gary Mack - Murasaki
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Default Re: Drifters

Opinion on your Funimation cast:
Toyohisa-Great! I could picture him doing a somewhat deeper version of his usual voice. Maybe somewhat closer to his Lucci?
Nobunaga-I'm fine with this! Probably use his Piccolo type voice
Nasu-Ryan has been very underused with main character roles. I approve!
Hannibal-Bruce has showed he's great with these roles
Scipio-Kent should be fine for this
Butch-Yes, probably go with portraying him similar to his character from Danganronpa 3
Sundance-Not who I expected but I would probably get used to it after a couple episodes
Nasohi-More Justin Cook is something I approve of!
Abe-I approve
Kafeto-It could work if he goes with a bit more of a calmer voice than he usually has
Olmine-I always love hearing Alexis in serious roles
Black King-Very underused actor, I approve. Probably go with something like when his Death Parade character shows his dark side
Joan-YES! Just basically use her Bishamon
Gilles-Interesting choice. But I do approve. Instead of his normal voice though he should use the one he had in Assassination Classroom
Anastasia-I approve this just because of the name, lol. She should go with a somewhat softer version of her usual voice
Rasputin-This is the epitome of a J Michael role
Minamoto-Yes, he should go with his Midnight type voice
Shara-Austin seems like a match
Easy-Yes, Whitney is very underused
Murasaki-Yeah, just go with like a Shou Tucker voice.
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Default Re: Drifters

Looks I predicted R. Bruce Elliot, Justin Cook and Jeremy Schwartz correctly!


I think the final cast we got is pretty exciting, and should make the dub really interesting.
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Post Re: Drifters

Well, I've been reading the Manga as of late, and given how much of it I've read (Roughly 5 Volumes) I think I can do an LA Cast for this.

Shimazu Toyohisa: Ray Chase
Oda Nobunaga: Steve Blum
Nasu Suketaka Yoichi: Marianne Miller
Hannibal Barca: Steve Kramer
Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus: Richard Epcar
Butch Cassidy: Matthew Mercer
Sundance Kid: Kyle Hebert
Naoshi Kanno: Liam O’Brien
Tamon Yamaguchi: John Snyder

Black King: Patrick Seitz
Hijikata Toshizo: DC Douglas
Joan Of Arc: Kari Wahlgren
Gilles De Rais: Fred Tatasciore
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin: Lex Lang
Minamoto no Yoshitsune: Yuri Lowenthal
Akechi Mitsuhide: Crispin Freeman

Bronze Dragon: Neil Keplan

Mark: Erica Mendez
Marsha: Cristina Valenzuela
Shara: Robbie Daymond

Aram: Grant George
Count St. Germi: Keith Silverstein
Mills: Johnny Yong Bosch

Abe no Seimei: Billy Kametz
Olminu: Erica Lindbeck
Kafet: Steve Staley

Easy: Laura Post
Murasaki: Christopher Swindle
Doug: Kirk Thornton
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