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virtual revenger
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Default What are the most underrated shows of Hanna- Barbara?

I probably say Thundarr the Barbarian would be one of them and Shirt tales.
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Default Re: What are the most underrated shows of Hanna- Barbara?

I think "Yo Yogi" is underrated. It has many haters judging by the Internet. But it had nice storylines and fun cartoony gags. It can be described as Hanna-Barbera's "Tiny Toon Adventures". It had many HB guest stars.

Also note that in the 80's-early 90's Yogi was a big thing. There was "Treasure Hunt", "Fender Bender", "Yo Yogi" and the movies. Since 1994 Yogi basically only had the live-action movie. It's like he retired all of a sudden, along with "The Flintstones".
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