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Convention & Public Appearances Let us know of upcoming VA appearances or your experiences in the past.

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Default Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

I have

Last year, I attended Comic Con and I was guiding my friend to get her ticket so we could meet later and go together to a signing for Lex Lang. Suddenly his wife Sandy Fox shows up outside and asks for a photo of us with her tablet and as we turn around, THERE he was, giving us a hug and everything. It was just the most magical moment of my life, I nearly cried. :')

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jfw1QB4xn1Y Video can be seen of the signing
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

Nice, could hardly recognize him with that style of hair! I personally would get a photo with the Wanderer from Journey in the background! Which Coco are you?
Love you forever, dad!
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

I've never met a voice actor but my sister met Vic Mignogna and I have a picture of Broly signed by him.
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

I met Candi Milo over a decade ago.
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

I did, at Sac-Anime September I had the honor to meet three of my favorites. Laura Bailey, Travis Willingham and Liam O'Brien. I waited three hours in line to meet Laura and Travis and it was worth it. Travis signed my copies of Catherine and Ultra Street Fighter 4 and while he was signing I asked him as many questions as I could.
I asked him "I know you must be busy with your schedule, but do you think you might come back for Ace because he's gonna have some big moments?" he responded "I actually already recorded for Ace, I can't say how much, but you'll definitely hear me as Ace again." I gasped with excitement and he chuckled. The next question was "who was more fun to play Mustang or Ace?" he said "I liked Mustang more because he had better jokes, but Ace was also fun because he would just suddenly fall asleep." and finally I asked him if he could say Fire Fist for me which he did and I got it recorded on my phone.
When I met Laura I told her I was so nervous, but she said I didn't need to be, I also told her she was one of my all time favorites and she was really flattered, I asked her what was her favorite thing about Halibel and she said "I like how she can control gravity with her breast plate." I got her to sign a picture of Spartan Vale and Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods and finally I got her to speak as Kid Trunks and I got it recorded.
Finally when I met Liam O'Brien I asked him what was it like playing Kariya on Fate/Zero. He said "It was really creepy" and chuckled. he signed Resident Evil 5 for me and I walked away satisfied... then my dad wanted to meet him because he likes Fate/Zero and asked him "why did they kill off your character?" Liam responded "Well he didn't show up in Fate/Stay Night so he had to go in this one." My dad was really confused and Liam explained that Fate/Zero was a prequel show and my dad was blown away.
It was a huge honor to meet all of them and I plan on meeting Todd Haberkorn at the next Sac-Anime in January.
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

The year was 2012. I travelled all around America during this year, because I had graduated the year before. In February, I visited LA until March 04. The day was March 01. I was eating breakfast at a gas station, and suddenly, this elderly man comes to me and asks me a question. I answered it, and I asked him "Have I heard your voice somewhere???", and he told me "Well, you may have." And it immediately dawned on me, it was Michael Rye!!! And I asked him "Are you the guy who played Green Lantern???" and he said yes. I can't remember the rest of our breakfast talk, but the man was kind enough to invite me to his house on the next day, which happened to be his birthday.

Next day, I was prepared for our meeting. I had bought a notepad and a pretty cool Green Lantern artwork plate (which he autographed and I still keep it in my room).

And when I went to his home, both he and his wife received me with open arms. And we had a very long chat about a lot of stuff, including his roles, and I took notes like crazy, because everything this man said was interesting (like the fact that he played Green Lantern like an American James Bond in space and that the whole space thing was what inspired him to audition for GL). I planned to use these notes for an interview I was planning to do on my next visit, and when it came time to say our goodbyes, he told me something that I'll never forget for my entire life:

"Thanks for coming, my friend. I hope to see you soon. You're like the son I never had."

Mike never had kids, so to hear that was so heartwarming and touching that filled me with joy. However, that would be the last thing he would ever say to me. In September, I received a call from Pat (his wife), and she told me that Mike had passed away. I was shocked and devastated. I flew back to LA to go to Mike's funeral. It was a very poignant moment, because there he was, a man that I've admired for all my life resting in his coffin with a peaceful expression on his face. I'll never forget this as long as I live. The man was a legend and a very kind, delightful person with a lot of hidden talents (astronomy scholar, traveller, etc.). He will be missed.
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

Jerry Jewell. Met him at Ohayocon and told him that he is my favourite voice actor. My girlfriend is weird in terms of standing in line to meet a VA, but I went on the last day and was REALLY PUMPED to meet him. On his autographs he put a smiley face and I gave him a hug. I also have a picture of him almost licking me, so there's also that.
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

I have at TFCon Charlotte when i got to meet Richard Newman the voice of Rhinox, Gregg Berger the voice of Odie the Dog, and Dan Gilvezan the voice of G1 Bumblebee.

Here's a link of me with Richard Newman:


Next is a link where i saw Gregg Berger:


This link shows where I saw Dan Gilvezan:


This was the spot where i saw and talked to Gregg Berger when I had lunch:


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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

I met Todd Haberkorn, Billy West, and Christine Cabanos this year at Indiana Comic Con and they were all incredibly nice. I had a Super Friends shirt and Todd stopped me before I could say anything and just named everyone on my shirt (He didn't know Dr. Fate, he said "Consantine?" I replied with Dr. Fate, and he said "Oh it's essentially Constantine.") Billy answered my questions about Futurama and some other things when I met him and at his panel. Christine I didn't talk to much but she was incredibly nice and we had a short conversation about Teen Titans.
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Default Re: Ever met a voice actor that made your life complete?

So far, I've met Tom Kane, Veronica Taylor (twice), J. Michael Tatum, Greg Ayres (three times), Jerry Jewell (twice), Caitlin Glass (twice), Vic Mignogna (twice), Luci Christian (twice), Kyle Hebert (twice), Todd Haberkorn (twice), Robert Axelrod, Tara Strong, Lisa Ortiz, Tom Wayland, Brad Swaile, Scott McNeil, Jim Cummings, Grey DeLisle, Yuri Lowenthal, Andrew Love, Christopher Bevins, Clarine Harp, Josh Grelle, Tabitha St. Germain, Crispin Freeman, Johnny Yong Bosch (twice), Chuck Huber, Michael Sinterniklaas and Tiffany Grant.

These people are so talented, funny and kind. I still have so many of my favorites VA's to meet someday, but sadly there are some VA's I like that I'll never get the chance to meet in real life.


Maggie Blue O' Hara

Dan Green had to retire from voice acting to take care of his children after his wife died giving birth to them. Which, I completely understand.

Tony Sampson Note: I know he made an appearance at Toronto Anime Con, but that was back in 2006!

Eric Stuart

Joshua Seth

Passed Away:

Bill Melendez

Maddie Blaustein

If any of the voice actors I listed as retired are back in voice acting or still make appearances at conventions, please feel free to prove me wrong. I won't get mad.

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