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Smile Evangelion 2.0 french dub cast revealed

The french dub cast of Evangelion 2.0 as been revealed.

The actors from the TV-Show are back to revoice their characters.
Almost the same.

Shinji Ikari = Donald Reignoux
Misato Katsuragi = Laurence Breheret
Asuka Langley Shikinami = Marjolaine Poulain
Rei Ayanami = Stéphanie Lafforgue
Mari Makinami Illustrious = Isabelle Volpe
Maya Ibuki = Ariane Deviegue
Makoto Hyuga = Cyril Aubin
Yui Ikari = Pascale Chemin
Kaworu Nagisa = Bruno Meyere

Hope a Moderator can update this movie.
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Post Evangelion 2.0 french dub cast revealed

The french dub cast of Evangelion 2.0 You can (not) advance as been revealed.

Donald Reignoux = Shinji Ikari
Laurence Breheret = Misato Katsuragi
Marjolaine Poulain = Asuka Shikinami Langley
Stephanie Lafforgue = Rei Ayanami
Isabelle Volpe = Mari Illustrous Makinami
Ariane Deviegue = Maya Ibuki
Cyril Aubin = Makoto Hyuga

Here's the link for more details.

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