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Default Re: Transformers

Originally Posted by Pokejedservo View Post
Been meaning to do this for a while now, I'll do a little something with New York VA talent, I will go with some of the more consistent portrayed Transformers in the past to give an idea of what I am trying to go for here.

Transformers (New York)

Optimus Prime- Dan Green
Bumblebee- Michael Sinterniklaas
Ratchet- Mike Pollock
Cliffjumper- Frank Frankson

Wheeljack- Oliver Wyman
Tracks- Darren Dunstan
Prowl- David Wills
Warpath- Robert B Owens
Elita One- Carol Jacobanis
Grimlock- Marc Thompson
Swoop- David Wills
Hot Rod- Christopher Kromer
Kup- Mike Pollock
Springer- Marc Diraison
Arcee- Carrie Keranen
Perceptor- Ted Lewis
Megatron- Scottie Ray
Starscream- Jimmy Zoppi
Soundwave- J. David Brimmer
Rumble- Wayne Grayson
Frenzy- Sebastian Arcelus
Barricade- Marc Thompson
Strika- Rachel Lillis
Slipstream- Veronica Taylor
Galvatron- David Zen Mansley
Cyclonus- J. David Brimmer
Unicron- Jon Avner
I would have switched around Bumblebee and Hot Rod
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Default Re: Transformers

Japanese Beast Wars English dub! (Circa early-2000's)

I'll be starting with Beast Wars II

Lio Convoy - Neil Kaplan
Apache/B'boom - Richard Epcar
Bighorn/Bonecrusher - Beau Billingslea
Tasmania Kid/Snarl - Jason Spisak
Diver - Richard Cansino
Scuba - Tony Oliver

-Magnaboss - Daniel Riordan
Lio Junior/Prowl - Joshua Seth
Skywarp/Silverbolt - Keith Diamond
Santon/Ironhide - Eddie Frierson

Bigmos - Michael McConnohie
Powerhug - Derek Stephen Prince
Tonbot - Lex Lang
Mantis - Steve Blum
Drill Nuts - Daran Norris
Scissor Boy - Steve Staley

-Tripledacus - Steve Blum
DJ - Brian Donovan
Motorarm - Bob Joles
Gimlet - Peter Lurie

Ikard - Kirk Thornton

Galvatron - Fred Tatasciore
Megastorm/Gigastorm - Peter Lurie

-Combatrons/Cyborg Beasts
Starscream/Hellscream - Jason Spisak
BB/Max B - Lex Lang
Dirge/Dirgegun - Bob Joles
Thrust/Thrustor - Daran Norris

Autostinger - Bob Bucholz
Autocrusher - Dan Woren
Autojetter - Robert Axelrod
Autolauncher - David Lodge

-God Neptune - Barry Stigler
Halfshell - Bob Joles
Sea Phantom - Robert Axelrod
Terrormander - Peter Lurie
Coelagon - Steve Blum
Scylla - Edie Mirman

-Majin Zarak - Mike Reynolds

+Gaian Androids
Artemis - Philece Sampler
Moon - Sandy Fox
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Default Re: Transformers

For your critique, casting ideas for the 'missing' Autobots and Decepticons of Transformers: Armada...

-Overload - Michael Donovan
-Airazor - Pauline Newstone (reprisal) or Colleen Wheeler (change of pace)
-Cheetor - Ian James Corlett (reprisal) or Noel Fisher (change of pace)
-Rhinox - Richard Newman (reprisal) or Roger Cross (change of pace)

-Thundercracker (if they made him a separate character on the show) - Trevor Devall
-Skywarp - Gabe Kouth
-Predacon - Jim Byrnes
-Terrorsaur - Doug Parker (reprisal) or Terry Klassen (change of pace)
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HK-47 master
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Default Re: Transformers

I actually wonder if Jason Isaacs would make a good Megatron using his Skeksis Emperor voice.

Also; whilst he's already voiced Cyclonus, I wonder if Harry Lennix would make a good Soundwave ala his Black Manta.
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Default Re: Transformers

John DiMaggio as Optimus Prime
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Default Re: Transformers

Transformers: Armada, were it dubbed in LA:

-Optimus Prime - Richard Epcar
-Red Alert - Daran Norris (considering he did voice him in the PS2 Armada game)
-Hot Shot - Steve Staley
-Smokescreen/Hoist - Dan Woren
-Scavenger - Michael McConnohie
-Blurr - Steve Blum
-Side Swipe - Brian Donovan
-Jetfire - Beau Billingslea

-Bradley "Rad" White - Michael Reisz
-Carlos Lopez - Arthur Santiago
-Alexis Thi Dang - Colleen Villard
-Billy - Joshua Seth
-Fred - Dave Wittenberg

-Megatron - Beau Billingslea
-Starscream - Jason Spisak
-Demolishor - Richard Epcar
-Cyclonus - Daran Norris (same reasoning for Red Alert)
-Thrust - Peter Spellos
-Tidal Wave - Bob Papenbrook
-Wheeljack - Wally Wingert

-Sideways - Neil Kaplan
-Nemesis Prime - Richard Epcar
-Unicron - Mike Reynolds
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HK-47 master
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Default Re: Transformers

Since Bumblebee is theorised by some fans to be a soft reboot to the Transformers film franchise, I decided to make a fancast for the main group of Autobots and Decepticons for a Transformers reboot within the same vein of Bumblebee. This cast is based off the Transformers who appeared in the film with some other well known characters added on to fill out the rest of the cast and I tried to have a good balance between well known actors and professional voice actors (assuming that the VAs during the Cybertron scene are simply stand-ins):


Optimus Prime-Peter Cullen
Bumblebee-Dylan O'Brien
Jazz-Reno Wilson
Arcee-Anna Kendrick
Ratchet-J.K. Simmons
Ironhide-Josh Brolin
Jetfire-David Tennant
Wheeljack-John DiMaggio
Brawn-Kyle Hebert


Megatron-Frank Welker
Starscream-Alan Tudyk
Soundwave-Frank Welker
--Ravage-Frank Welker
--Lazerbeak-Frank Welker
Shockwave-Peter Serafinowicz
Slipstream-Eva Green
Lugnut-Fred Tatasciore
Barricade-Terry Crews
Knock Out-Chris Parnell
Astrotrain-Dave Boat

So what does anyone think?

Note: This cast was made simply for the fun of it and I do not wish to imply that Bumblebee is officially confirmed to be a soft reboot for the film franchise.

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Default Re: Transformers

Continuing from my LA-recorded Armada, here we have the new additions from Energon and Cybertron.

1. Energon
-Inferno/Roadblock - Doug Erholtz
-Ironhide - Michael Lindsay
-Wing Saber - Tony Oliver
-Omega Supreme - Paul St. Peter
-Rodimus - Lex Lang
-Prowl - Jason Palmer
-Landmine - Eddie Frierson
-Bulkhead - William F. Knight
-Cliffjumper - Keith Diamond
-Downshift - Kirk Thornton
-Arcee - Wendee Lee
-Signal Flare - Joe Cappelletti
-Skyblast - Derek Stephen Prince
-Strongarm - Steve Blum
-Superion Maximus - Terrence Stone

-Kicker - Grant George
-Misha - Michelle Ruff
-Dr. Brian Jones - Kirk Thornton
-Miranda Jones - Mona Marshall
-Sally Jones - Stephanie Sheh

-Scorponok - Bob Papenbrook
-Shockblast - Dave Mallow
-Sixshot - Dave Wittenberg
-Constructicon Maximus - Eddie Frierson
-Bruticus Maximus - Paul St. Peter

-Alpha Quintesson - Robert Axelrod, David Lodge, Peter Spellos
-Primus - Doug Stone
-Unicron - Mike Reynolds

2. Cybertron
-Vector Prime - Michael McConnohie
-Overhaul/Leobreaker - Beau Billingslea
-Scattorshot - Richard Cansino
-Override - Cindy Robinson
-Brakedown - William F. Knight
-Clocker - Peter Doyle
-Snarl - Steve Blum
-Backstop - Beau Billingslea
-Evac - Michael Sorich
-Crosswise - Crispin Freeman
-Metroplex - Richard Epcar
-Quickmix - Dave Wittenberg

-Coby Hansen - Sam Riegel
-Bud Hansen - Maile Flanagan
-Lori - Kate Higgins
-Luci Suzuki - Colleen Villard
-Agent Mike Franklin - Keith Diamond
-Jolt - Brian Donovan

-Thundercracker - Steve Blum
-Crumplezone - Richard Epcar
-Ransack - Derek Stephen Prince
-Dirt Boss - Lex Lang
-Scourge - DC Douglas
-Undermine - Richard Cansino
-Brimstone - David Lodge
-Thunderblast - Michelle Ruff
-Lugnutz - Lex Lang
-Menasor - Steve Blum
-Mudflap - Peter Doyle

-Soundwave - Doug Stone
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Default Re: Transformers

War For Cybertron: Siege, with a slightly better cast.

1. Keepers:
-Foushee as Prime
-Marnocha as Megatron
-Zieja as Bumblebee
-Rogers as Wheeljack (though I would've liked seeing Christopher Swindle return)
-Todaro as Starscream

2. New ideas
-Ultra Magnus - Jamieson Price
-Elita-1 - Morena Baccarin
-Shockwave - Alistair Duncan
-Soundwave, Omega Supreme - Keith David
-Skywarp - Keith Ferguson
-Ratchet, Refraktor, Ravage - Dee Bradley Baker
-Jetfire, Hound - Brian Bloom
-Red Alert, Soundblaster - Gideon Emery
-Arcee - Erica Luttrell
-Impactor, Ironhide - John DiMaggio
-Mirage, Skytread - Matt Mercer
-Cliffjumper, Teletraan-1 - Scott Innes
-Sideswipe, Prowl - Jason Marsden
-Chromia - Tara Platt
-Thundercracker - Chris Cox
-Barricade - Gary Sturgis
-Spinister - John Kassir
-Cog - Zeno Robinson
-Alpha Trion - Keone Young
-Moonracer - Kate Higgins
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Default Re: Transformers

Has anybody suggested Gregg Berger as Optimus Prime yet?
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