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Default The Raizing/8ing Shooting Games Dream Cast Thread

I know there's already a Bloody Roar Dream Cast thread, but this one will cover the SHMUPs of Raizing/8ing.

Mahou series

Gain the Warrior - Doug Erholtz (Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy)
Chitta the Magician - Cristina Vee
Miyamoto the Samurai Dragon - Kirk Thornton
Bonum, the Necromancer - Tony Oliver
Nirvana, the Huge Fairy - Carrie Keranen (Casca, Berserk)
Kickle & Laycle, the Kids - Sean Chiplock (Kickle) and Cassandra Morris (Laycle)
Honest John, the Automatic Armour - DC Douglas
Bul-Gin, the Captain Goblin - Richard Epcar
Solo Bang, the Warrior - Bryce Papenbrook
Karte, the Sorceress - Erica Mendez

Battle Garegga

Jason Wayne - Joe Zieja
Brian Wayne - Max Mittelman

Armed Police Batrider

D.D - Greg Chun
Shorty - Brianna Knickerbocker (Akira Howard, Astral Chain)
Jyuji - Jamieson Price
Maria - Kira Buckland
Golden - Lucien Dodge
Strawman - Kyle Hebert
Birthday - Laura Post (Arfoire, Neptunia)
Tag-T - Gerald C. Rivers
Adam - Robbie Daymond
Car-Pet - Melissa Fahn (Neptune, Neptunia)
Envy - Patrick Seitz
Sobut - Cherami Leigh
Blunt - Michael McConohie

Brave Blade

Rem Highland - Sean Chiplock
Belgius Beowulf - Patrick Seitz
Rosita em Flamberge - Xanthe Huynh
Keith Kilstein - Kaiji Tang
Kana N - Amanda C. Miller

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