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Default AirForce Delta Strike

Who doesn't remember this game that rivals the Ace Combat games. Anyway here's AirForce Delta Strike (aka Deadly Skies III and Air Force Delta: Blue Wing Knights) given a Sailor Moon Viz-style dub treatment.

Ken Thomas - Bryce Papenbrook (Kirito, Sword Art Online)
Ruth Valentine - Xanthe Huynh (Falcom, Neptunia)
John Rundal - Kyle Hebert (Frederick, Fire Emblem)
Jamie Jones - Jamieson Price (Dietrich "Silber 1" Kellerman, Ace Combat Zero)
Rick Campbell - Chris Jai Alex
Alex Levine - Jalen K. Cassell (Skald, Ace Combat 7)
Holst Prendre - David Lodge (Jeralt, Fire Emblem)
Pedro Glankert - Doug Erholtz (Knocker, Ace Combat 7)
Brian Douglas - Sean Chiplock (Rean Schwarzer, Trails)
Robert Williams - Richard Epcar (The Admiral, Monster Hunter World)
Lilia Mihajlovna - Kira Buckland (Angelica Farnaby, Valkyria Chronicles 4)
Amelia Johnson - Cherami Leigh (Lucy Heartfillia, Fairy Tail)
Harry Garrett - Beau Billingslea (Marcus Snow, Ace Combat 5)
Bob Takayanagi - Paul St. Peter (Yuan Shao, Dynasty Warriors)
David Smith - Chris Hackney (Boey, Fire Emblem)
Collette LeClerc - Carrie Keranen (Casca, Berserk)
Constance LeClerc - Erika Harlacher (Ann Takamaki, Persona 5)
Navigator - DC Douglas (Wesker, Resident Evil)
Albert Ungar - Patrick Seitz (Germany, Hetalia)
Pierre Gallo - Lucien Dodge (Elliot Craig, Trails)
Ellen McNichol - Erica Mendez (Orie, BBXTAG)
Sergei Kinski - Kirk Thornton (Siegfried, Soul Calibur VI)
Giuseppe Ferretti - Edward Bosco (Machias, Trails)
Francine Davout - Laura Post (Arfoire, Neptunia)
Leon Kleiser - Liam O'Brien (Akihiko Sanada, Persona 4)
Donald Chan - Max Mittelman (McBurn, Trails)
Jake Emerson - Xander Mobus (Ren Amamiya, Persona 5)

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