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Default Delay

I don't want to sound like a rushing maniac of some sorts, but why does the good people at BTVA delay the update to new cast members for the English dub of Attack on Titan to their database, even after FUNimation already announced it? I mean a while back when Bryce (Papenbrook) was announced to be the voice of Eren, the good people at BTVA updated it in about 20 minutes to their database. New cast members was announced on Friday (01-08-2014) and today (04-08-2014) and yet no update. I even posted the name of the English voice for the character Marlo (it's Todd Haberkorn if you are wondering), but it was taken off. So I keep updating the list here:

A reply would be much appreciated
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Default Re: Delay

I'll probably sound like a jerk but...

1. If you didn't notice we did have a server crash yesterday so that had to be dealt with.

2. None of the staff work on this site 24/7. While some people have unlimited free time during their summer break some of us still work real jobs or are enrolled in post-secondary school all year round. Some of us have different sleep schedules and some of us live in different time zones.

3. It doesn't really matter how well known a VA is or how big of a fan you are. Their credits aren't going to be added faster just because you want them to be so.

4. Each member of the team has their own work schedule for this site and usually plans their contributions days, weeks and sometimes even months in advance before they're actually made public. We actually don't sit around all day doing nothing waiting for news although it could appear that way from an outsider's perspective.

Hope this answered some of your questions. Feel free to send me a PM if you have any other questions or concerns.
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