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Default Fire Emblem series discussion thread

There's a lot of FE fans on here, so i figured why not give it a thread of its own?

Some questions and such to start off:

1. What is your favourite game?

2. Thoughts on side games and supplementary material? (e.g. Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Heroes, Warriors, Mystery of the Emblem OVA)

3. What would you like to see in next year's FE Switch game?

(Question relevant to site)

4. Favourite vocal performances?

My answers:

1. Sacred Stones will always have a special place in my heart. Love its characters, music, storyline, everything. I'm still working my way through Echoes (started playing this week, 15 hours and am almost at the end of act 3) but aside from map design, I can see it being up there once I'm done. It really is the perfect example of how to do a modern version of a 25-year-old game, staying true to the original core while embellishing and improving enough to be fresh. I really want to play Radiant duology and Genealogy/Thracia but haven't been able to. I'm hoping the former gets an HD collection (or at least Virtual Console re-release) and the latter two get Echoes-style remakes, because playing that game made me really thirsty for more remakes like that, and now Jugdral is basically the only FE "world" that's never seen the light of localization.

2. I'm not a mobile gamer so I basically played the game a couple times when it came out and haven't touched it since, but I appreciate that Heroes is reintroducing all the older games and their characters to bigger audiences.

Sadly I'm not really feeling Warriors since the roster seems a bit lackluster to me so far. Hyrule Warriors is the superior Nintendo Warriors collab.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions is excellent and it bums me out that it's stuck in Wii U hell, because despite people's shaky first impressions, it's a REALLY fun game that's a joy to play and has such a likeable cast. Those 50 hours flew by.

MOTE's OVA wasn't bad, but obviously it didn't go deep enough to really get a fair judgement. It is responsible for Midorikawa being cast as Marth though, so that's a pretty good legacy.

3. The Switch is basically the perfect platform for FE. It feels like just the right place to be - even though the series has its roots on consoles, it's been on handhelds for so long (especially outside Japan) that both are equally its home by now. While on one hand I appreciate that the game lends itself well to doing a couple battles while you're on the train or waiting for something, I just find it so much more natural to sink my teeth into console games, so I really appreciate that the Switch will bring the best of both worlds.

The main things I'm looking forward to are:

- Increased production values, i.e. more detailed character models, maybe some realtime cutscenes, definitely full VO now that Echoes has dipped its feet into that.

- I wouldn't complain too much if marriage and children weren't around. If they still are though, I'm hoping for more gay/bi characters. Fates started getting the ball rolling on that and it would be really cool if they did more of a push there.

- I'd like to maybe be a bit more reserved/focused on elements like tone and character design/writing. Fates' Conquest had the right idea with a darker story basis, but there were weird mismatches that made the game seem a lot wackier than it should've been. I think the main problem with the game, overall, is that it seemed to bite off more than it could chew. Echoes and what I've seen of the Radiance games did a much better job at handling their overall tone and knowing exactly what it is they want to accomplish, so that's what I think would be perfect for a console game. I don't need 100+ characters, don't need 80 hours of maps, just rein it in a bit more, focus on what works, and make what's there really count.

- Kris Zimmerman-Salter to do English voice direction. I've said before that the timing just seems right since Cup of Tea did the last few games. Also, god rest their soul, but I think going with her might be the smart move if they want to keep it fresh, since Cup of Tea have cast literally hundreds of characters so far and I don't want them to start spreading themselves thin enough that it becomes harder and harder to get VAs and make casting decisions that haven't been done already. I'd be really impressed though, if they splurged a bit and went union.


Hikaru Midorikawa as Marth
Matt Mercer and Yoshimasa Hosoya as Shigure
Roger Rose and Takehito Koyasu as Niles/Zero
Rena Strober and Renka/Lynn as Azura/Aqua

Still working through Echoes but there's a few I definitely see up there when all is said and done. I'd need to finish the game and let it simmer a bit before I know for sure who my highlights are.

US resources. Canada resources 1 and 2. I've donated, you can too. Black Lives Matter and happy Pride.

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Default Re: Fire Emblem series discussion thread

1. I'm pretty partial to Sacred Stones myself, but I've played it to death and now I'm a little burned out on it. There's a lot to love about most of the games in the series so it's really hard to choose. I hate to be that guy, but it definitely wouldn't be Fates or Awakening (though even they have some good parts).

2. I don't really play mobile either, but I liked the idea of collecting a bunch of Fire Emblem characters. I don't really get too into the meta, but it's a nice distraction while waiting for water to boil. Happy to finally get a Sacred Stones banner, looking forward to more Jugdral, Magvel, and Tellius down the line.

Warriors was a maybe when it was announced, but with the current roster it's a hard no. The current choices make a lot of sense considering a lot of the series current popularity comes from Awakeing and Fates, but those are the two games whose characters I'm least interested in.

I've heard a lot of great things about #FE, but some things are too anime even for me. Really anything with a large focus on idols turns me away almost immediately. It's a shame too since I could've used a great Wii U rpg.

Haven't watched the OVA, and despite being a big fan I don't really have any desire to. I wonder if Nintendo will consider a modern anime based off of one of the games, or maybe they're done with cartoons outside of Pokemon.

3. I think I could actually write an entire essay about what I want to see in the Switch game; almost every game has stuff from it I'd like to see return. But mainly I guess I'd want:

-Reduced support pools for characters and non romantic opposite sex supports. Having each character support with over 10 other characters really stretches the supports thin and leaves them with no substance. Most of the romances also feel really tacked on and none of the guys and gals can be just friends. I'd prefer for marriage not to return as a mechanic and just appear in character endings, but if it does come back just give each character around 3 romantic options out of maybe 7 or so really well done supports.

-No kids, unless there's a time skip. It's silly, but the deeprealms from Fates actually detracted from my experience with the game.

-A more fleshed out continent and villains. Fates had two incredibly black and white kingdoms and Awakening had a really watered down version of Archanaea. Give my multiple countries with lots of political stuff happening between all of them. Tellius and especially Jugdral are the two most developed continents in the series, so hopefully something like those two. I'd also like something like Grado's generals or Daein's Four Riders. Fates was just Garon and his two goons, no other notable enemy generals. Garon himself was a Saturday morning cartoon villain, they really shouldn't be that comically evil.

-More "meat" to chapters. It felt like Awkening/Fates chapters would just jump into battles and then wrap them up really quickly without taking too much time to develop the world or further the plot. Almost everything felt like filler. Oh look, foxes. Guess we have to kill them and never speak of it again. Tellius games talked a lot about the purpose of each battle, and spend a lot more time on setup and resolution.

-Echoes' approach to weapon durability and character inventories. I didn't like the changes that Fates attempted, I just ended up using iron weapons the whole game. Making weapons really rare rewards is great. Give each character an equipment slot and maybe 3 or 4 item slots, choose who gets what weapon or shield for each occasion.

-Creature Campaign / Sacred Stones post game. This gives players a chance to grind out their ultimate characters and test them in post game dungeons. They can also unlock secret characters this way (instead of being shoehorned into paralogues).

-Maps with urgency and extra objectives. 3DS Fire Emblem seldom gives reason to not take your time with maps. Bring back villages and enemy thieves and reinforcements that encourage players to play quickly and efficiently. Give out rewards like rare equipment and actual gaiden chapters or extra characters.

-Map variety. A lot more defense chapters, Conquest 10 was a good start. Less plains, more indoor maps, chokepoints, terrain etc. Maybe throw in a few giant Genealogy style maps. Thracia had a lot of BS, but it also had a lot of interesting map setups.

-No My Castle, but bring back the Base from Tellius. My Castle just felt like a waste of time, but maybe keep in a feature the allows you to make your own fort for online. In the game proper just give me a menu leading to equipment, supports, base conversations etc.

-Small segments of the world map at a time. I think this would help satisfy people who want a linear experience vs a world map. It would also make more sense narratively; the lords can't take a stroll over to the neighboring country in the middle of a siege. Have some chapters come one right after another. Echoes style villages that hand out side quests for extra exp (maybe vary amount on different difficulties)

-Hidden weapons and some Fates classes. Specifically I'd like to have both Outlaw, a retooled Thief/Ninja (Spy maybe?), and some version of Oni return.

-Better Avatar options. I'd rather a less involved Avatar or no Avatar, but if there's going to be one (and there will be one) I'd like the option for the, to not look like an idiot. More diversity in stuff like skin color and build would be nice too.

-Bigger budget for in game cutscenes. The models work fine for battles but are a little janky in cutscenes.

-Full voice acting. Ideally union since I think Fire Emblem is one of the few dubbed series out there that's successful and popular enough to make the jump from non-union. If Zelda wasn't union though, I sorta doubt Fire Emblem will be. I agree on giving CoT a rest for a few years, they've burned through 90% of their usual talent at this point. Some of my favorite dub casts for games are Resonance of Fate, Street Fighter V, and Star Ocean 5, and Fates so any of the guys and gals who worked on those games would be great. Kris is pretty likely, and I'd be happy to have her working on the series again. Come to think of it I don't think I've seen her credited in any games since Fates...

4. Stand outs for me are David Stanbra as Kaze, Anthony del Rio as Silas, and Natalie Lander's two Fates roles. In general I love Echoes' acting, but no one performance really stands out to me.

On the subject of performances, I hope they don't use Heroes as a blueprint for casting in any future remakes. I find most of the casting choices to range from okay at best, to pretty bad at worst (there's a few good ones though). It works out fine for a small scale mobile game though.

Welp, that's a lot. Section 3 turned out a bit too long and I still left some stuff unsaid. I ran out of steam towards the end too. I probably come off like I hate the 3DS games, but I really don't. They've got their highpoints, I just don't like them as much as the rest of the series. Sorry for the wall of text.
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Default Re: Fire Emblem series discussion thread

Originally Posted by BlueHeracross View Post
-A more fleshed out continent and villains. Fates had two incredibly black and white kingdoms and Awakening had a really watered down version of Archanaea. Give my multiple countries with lots of political stuff happening between all of them. Tellius and especially Jugdral are the two most developed continents in the series, so hopefully something like those two. I'd also like something like Grado's generals or Daein's Four Riders. Fates was just Garon and his two goons, no other notable enemy generals. Garon himself was a Saturday morning cartoon villain, they really shouldn't be that comically evil.
To be fair, that's what the siblings (on either Birthright or Conquest) and Anankos were for (Being the villains/antagonists with actual depth) but yeah.

Iago and Hans were pretty much the "scumbag army commanders" you get in pretty much every FE game, so I didn't have much of a problem with them honestly. Garon was "decent" in CQ I suppose, but I didn't care too much for him in the other two routes. I will say though, he's at least a step up from Validar and Grima to me. However I do agree that he probably could've been better.

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