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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 29th September


Critical Role Episode 69 Passed Through Fire



Kynan gets a serious scolding

Enamus gun (Anna Ripley's gun)

Scroll of Gate

Sam asks if Scanlan is an arcane caster. Matt confirms he is an arcane caster.

Onyx dog is alive

Laura's dice jail

Vox Machina blanket fortress

Back to Whitestone


Save money, Pike style

Resurrect Percy

Scanlan limerick: "I know a gunman with a white quaffer. Who acted evil and had a bad cougher. He learned that someone had possessed his big gun so I threw that sh*t in the lava"

Pike is in golden form


"Half the audience is gonna being furious" quote from Liam

As a reward Scanlan wants a gun

"Hard yes I'm expecting" quote from Scanlan

Did Pike lie about reading Percy's books?

Gilmore hug

The Karma sutra

"Spice?" quote from Scanlan

Scanlan finally delivers Fusaka to Jarett

Jarett meets Kynan

Patrick Rothfus - Kerrek letter

Marisha cries again

"Turn that frawn upside down" quote from Pike

Jarett tries the Sand-keg

"You f*cker" quote from Jarett

Pike tries the Sand-keg

Pike is drunk

"Dipsy doodle" quote from Scanlan

Letter from Percy

Vax puts cups and trays on Pike

Vex's reach-around

Raishan, green dragon disguised as Seeker Asum Emring

"I wish to kill the Cinder King" quote from Raishan

Congrats to Critical Role in reaching its highest viewing figures for a live broadcast, reaching over 32k. The episode was dominated with the attempted resurrection of Percy. The resurrection was successful. The highlight during the resurrection was Laura's acting as Vex. It even brought a tear to Sam's eyes.

A surprise to Keyleth (Marisha) was a letter from Kerrek. It was even narrated by Patrick Rothfus (Kerrek) himself. Scanlan finally delivers Fusaka to Jarett. Does Jarett spice? Scanlan, feeling disappointed asks Jarett if he supply drugs. A drug called Suude is considered the most illegal.

As for the ending, talk about surprises. The green dragon, Raishan, disguised as Seeker Asum Emring asking for help?
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 6th October


Critical Role Episode 70 Trust


Sam raps

Beatbox break down

History of the Green dragon, has a disease

Keyleth gets angry

Seeker Asum is alive

"Have you even tried greater restoration?" quote from Vex

Chicken soup of D&D

Percy doesn't recommend lists


Scanlan wants to have sex with every beast in every continent

Yenk the Goristro

Matt as Pike

Keeper Yennen

Good cop bad cop returns

Grog's title "Grand Poobar Dadoink of all this and that"

"8 mile bitches" quote from Grog



Scanlan breaks the news to Allura about Tiberius

Jarret training Kynan

Keyleth visits the Sun-tree. Nothing really answered.

Scanlan tries to mind wipe Kima and fails

Back to Draconia

Keyleth turns into Minxy and speaks cat

Sam's rap was possibly among the funniest things he has done on Critical Role. I hope Lootcrate get even more subscriptions thanks to that rap.

Raishan, the green dragon revealed her need to kill the red dragon Thordak. Turns out that she has a disease and Thordak is supposedly knows how to cure it. Keyleth's outburst left me with a mixed reaction. It was good that Keyleth got angry, but on the other hand putting Whitestone at risk is another. Raishan being their temporary ally will be an interesting dynamic.

With the gate scroll, the possibility of summoning a creature for Vorugal the white dragon to face against. Yenk the Goristro was suggested. The risks of summoning other creatures aside from the intended subject are high. It would be funny if Kraven-edge (Grog's former sword) was also summoned.

Kima makes her appearance and wishes to join Vox Machina in their battle against the white dragon. Kima herself isn't the most fortunate when it comes to boss battles. She was turned to stone against K'Varn the Beholder and she was tossed aside against another Beholder. Is it down to luck or is she all talk and no show?

As Vox Machina return to Draconia, they plan their battle against Vorugal the white dragon.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 13th October


Critical Role Episode 71 Vorugal

Taliesin models a fan made interpretation of Cabal's Ruin. Taliesin is not suited for modelling.

Sam gets a birthday present from Matt and Marisha. Shirt-ception

Crates history lesson by Sam Riegel

Scanlan needs to hold Mythcarver with his left hand to feel different

Be pleased


Vax's new dagger is like Prince Noctis' warp drive from Final Fantasy XV

"I love chicken" quote from Kima

Scouting mission

Kima eating chicken whilst doing push ups

Scanlan can't do pushups

Larkin the dwarf (Raishan in disguise)

Liam finally realises that Larkin is Raishan

Scanlan turns everyone into Ravenites

Scanlan inspires himself with Eminem's Lose Yourself, Scanlan edition

Yenk the Goristro is unleashed

Yenk vs Vorugal

Pike summons Sarenrae and punches Vorugal

"They see him Larkin, they creepin'" quote from Scanlan, inspired from Ridin' by Chamillionaire

Raishan reverts back to dragon form

Book of Shakespeare's insults

"With thy brawls thou hast disturbed our sport" "I love thee not, therefore pursue me not" quotes from A midsummers night dream



Keyleth gets a vestige

Scanlan sings: "Yenk you will be a friend. Travelled through a portal and back again. Your heart is true, you're a fiend and a confidant" inspired from Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold

: "You're trying to kill a white dragon. Just like the ones you used to kill. Be your days be merry and bright, and I hope, hope we all survive this fight" inspired from White Christmas by Bing Crosby

Very long episode and Ashley turning up, fresh from the plane. Vox Machina made some brave but excellent decisions during the preparations of battling the White Dragon. Lady Kima turns to be a big consumer of chicken.

The battle itself turned out much better than expected. The summoning of Yenk the Goristro did big damage to Vorugal. Divine intervention by Pike to get Sarenrae to power punch the dragon itself. Raishan herself actually helping out too. Lady Kima actually was useful as she wasn't tossed aside or turned to stone.

After the battle Keyleth gets a vestige from the Yenk the Goristro.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 20th October


Critical Role Episode 72 - The Elephant in the Room


Grog running around looking for things in rage mode

"Tooma! Tooma! quote from Scanlan

Harvest time on Vorugal with the Ravenites

A tomb fitting for Tiberius Stormwind

"I encourage peace" quote from Scanlan

Found some serious loot

"Feels like money money money" quote from Grog

"With brexit its not worth as much" quote from Scanlan

"We might need her to restart civilisation" quote from Scanlan

Pike's (head hair) fun buns

What's inside the bag of holding

Random arm found

Google map pin

New potions

Kima gets Holy Avenger sword

Does Scanlan have an aerator wine cellar?

Far-sighted earth elemental

Wine chicken

Vax private talks to Vex

Keyleth turns into an Elephant

"Grog remember they never forget" quote from Scanlan, referencing about Elephants

Scanlan bills Vax, Vex and Keyleth

"She's a nasty woman" quote from Liam in the voice of Gollum

Flow breaker ship

Keyleth helps regrow the land

Vax and Scanlan have a pee constant

Percy kisses Vex

"So we'll talk later" quote from Percy

Scanlan sings: "Something in the way I wink. Inspires you like no other Gnome can. Something makes you stop and think. How did he get so handsome? How did he get so suave? inspired from Something by The Beatles

After the tension from the previous episodes, its a good to have a wind down episode. The beginning portion had audio problems to the point that twitch messed up something Tooma said which may have been important. A big hats off to Scanlan in remembering Tiberius by requesting the ravenites (non-tailed Dragonborn) to build a tomb for Stormwind. The "I encourage peace" quote was beautiful, even though Tiberius was derogatory towards the ravenites.

Getting some major loot after Vorugal's defeat, cleaning out Grog's bag of holding, Keyleth turning into an elephant, unearthing a possible ship that's buried in the ice filled this episode. It was the ending that has dominated this episode as Percy kisses Vex. Good stuff from Percy has its he that's mainly the recipient of the kisses from Vex. Nice that Percy was the initiator. That ship looks like its going to set sail.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 27th October


Critical Role Episode 73 - The Coming Storm



Halloween edition

Matt cosplaying as Victor the black powder merchant

Sam cosplaying as the Hotis the Rakshasa

Taliesin as Clarota the Mind Flayer

Marisha as Anna Ripley

Liam as Tyrioch the amateur cartographer

Laura as Deliah Briarwood

Travis as Sylas Briarwood

Biggest news, Matt puts a ring on Marisha's fourth proximal digit

Laura was making lewd hand gestures. Matt says no

Back to Whitestone

Keyleth wants to kill Raishan immediately

Fake bake

Bedhead Gilmore

Kashaw returns to Whitestone with new contracts

"Get out of my room!" quote from Kashaw

Vex reveals to Keyleth that Percy has kissed her

Scanlan wants 5000 gold

Scanlan has a talk with Jarret

"You're a man who walks, driven by his pelvis" quote from Jarret

"Like a fine instrument it can go untuned" quote from Scanlan

"Get me some drugs" quote from Scanlan

Grog revealed he has peed all over Greyskull keep

"Locker room talk" quote from Sam

Vax hands Simon the snake belt to Kynan


Rumour of additional beings from the fire plane

Percy swings at Asum/Raishan

"Don't trust a man who just kissed somebody" quote from Taliesin

Clarota complete

Raishan reveals all

"The fire plane isn't just like Dallas" quote from Scanlan

Pixy touches the black orb of death

"I'm vetoing it" quote from Scanlan

Fort Daxio

Goodness me the cosplay to celebrate Halloween. Matt as Victor was amazing. Sam as Hotis was comedy. Taliesin as Clarota was completed after the break. Marisha as Anna Ripley was unexpected. Liam as Tyrioch had the missing arm. Both Laura and Travis as the Briarwood's was amazing. In truth, my interpretation of Anna Ripley's look is inspired from Dr Strangelove from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker and the Phantom Pain. Given Anna Ripley's personality, the sunglasses, smart dress look, where guns can be concealed would have worked. Granted, there is no official artwork of how of each the NPC's look, but I was expecting something a little better for Anna Ripley.

There wasn't many highlights in this except for Raishan being forcefully revealed by Percy and planning for the next stage. In true Vox Machina fashion, no plan was formulated.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 3rd November


Critical Role Episode 74 - Path of Brass

"This week not in costume" quote from Matt


"It made all the sense" quote from Ashley

Refuge camp

Note looking

"Most of our friends are dead" quote from Taliesin


Yakity sax

Hand circle

Thorbilly, cute little bird ignores Pike

Outside Fort Daxio

General Ellie Gorofon(spelling?)

Situation bad at Fort Daxio

"Montage waiting to happen" quote from Grog

"Wait wait wait" quote from Ellie, stopping the montage

Plan to re-supply Fort Daxio

"Is the little man f*cking with me?" quote from Ellie Gorofon

"There's one druid got to level 3 and just opened up its own hunting emporium and never became an adventurer again" quote from Matt

Scanlan's soup kitchen

Back to the Fire Ashari

City of Brass

"Pull the trigger travel agent" quote from Grog

Catscan, a cat cosplayer of Scanlan

Ifrits security

Scanlan illusion magics a Goristro

Enter the city of brass

Stanley the Goristro

Human slaves

Sam's new sleeveless shirt

Massive flaming bird

"Pound it" quote from Keyleth

"The sun is high in the sky" quote from Matt, whilst not saying "it's high noon"

Aggressive Ifrits

Bad b*tch Tiefling

Mind controlled Ifrit

"Kill him kill him now" quote from Scanlan

Ifrit fights Ifrit

Reverse motorboat

Strange rescuers

Cenokir (spelling?) the Genasi

Uten the tiefling

"You cheeky bastard Matthew Mercer" quote from Liam

Scanlan reveals he has a set of chains in his room

Wascar (spelling?) the giant

Cenokir laugh

Scanlan sings: "I make you wanna leave the one you with. Start a new relationship with me. It's how it's gonna be" inspired from You make me wanna by Usher

Vox Machina finally venture to Fort Daxio, only to find out that its in dire straits. Shifting their attention to a side quest of retrieving the final vestige of divergence, plate of the Dawnmartyr. Vox Machina visit the city of brass and greeted with its soaring heat and slavery is common place. The group marginally escape possible enslavement by a duo of jewellers. The duo of jewellers agree to help Vox Machina, only if some are bond in chains.

Hats off to Matt for creating an NPC that's probably in my top 5. Cenokir the Genassi. From the soft and gentle vocal delivery, to the stares, smiles and laugh. I'm looking forward to what Cenokir does next.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 10th November


Critical Role Episode 75 - Where The Cards Fall


Radio play by Sam

Brian Wayne Foster

"It's been a Chris Hard-week" quote from Brian

"Motherf*cker" quote from Matt

Sam receives a Dakimakura cover of Scanlan

Zenith forge

"Don't talk to your master in public" quote from Cenokir

Cenokir the tour guide

"So strange in a wonderful way" quote from Pike

Outside the Zenith Forge

Wascar (spelling?) is really huge

"Some call them card games" quote from Keyleth

Wascar wants a trade

Successful trade

Jurael (spelling?)

"Are you mocking me?" quote from Cenokir

Embassy for the nine hells

"I find it hilarious, ha ha" quote from Cenokir

"Green apple splatters" quote from Grog

"You'll be the gerbil" quote from Matt

Play cards

Gambit of Ord

Now slaves

"You are a deity" quote from Travis

Goriks, a pit fiend

City of Brass shuts down, curfew

"F*ck you" quote from Matt, quietly

Pit fiend meditating

Plan to bait the Pit fiend


Sultan of the Ifrit


Learning with Pike starring Grog

The Archers

The sextuplets

"Poor Nightcrawler" quote from Scanlan

"I am slave master Francois Australia" quote from Scanlan

"Francois Bertrand Jean-luc Australia" quote from Scanlan

Child slaves saved?

Percy and Pike shopping for slaves

Goriks the pit fiend shops for slaves

"But I did the air horn" quote from Liam

10,000G for the sextuplets

Berserk Aasimar

Pit Fiend not amused

Scanlan sings: "Hot in the city. Hot in the city. Tonight, tonight" from Hot in the city by Billy Idol

Sam the playwriter was brilliant with excellent sound effects by Ashley and Travis. It told a simple story with a great plug to Loot crate.

Cenokir continues to shine as he and Uten were tour guides for Vox Machina. After trading with Wascar, they find the location of the Plate of the Dawnmartyr with a giant named Jurael. To claim the armour, Jurael offers a game of cards which Scanlan participates. Scanlan loses and now Vox Machina are slaves to Jurael. To win their freedom from Juarel, she assigns them with a mission in killing a Pit Fiend.

They plan on attacking the Pit Fiend by disguising themselves as sextuplet slaves, with Scanlan as the slave master. In an act of kindness, Scanlan and Vex purchase some children with the intention of freeing them. The Pit Fiend finally makes its appearance and makes an interest in the sextuplets. Pit Fiend proves to be a tough customer with the main goal of entrapping the creature in Scanlan's mansion. With the showdown with Pit Fiend almost guaranteed, it calls for backup. An excellent way to end the episode and hype for the next.

My favourite moment is Grog trying to learn the common alphabet with Pike as teacher. I hope there will be a segment on Sesame Street with puppet versions of Pike and Grog.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 17th November


No Critical Role this week due to Thanksgiving.

Critical Role Episode 76 - Brawl In The Arches

Sam's Autobot t-shirt

Sam's poem

Sexy sextuplets

Red lit battle set

Pit Fiend and an Erinyes

Scanlan's eleventh limerick: "Maggie is such a sad sack of sh*t. That no one will tickle her t*t. It would make her so glad to be had by a lad, her drawers cream at the thought of it"

Laura imitates as Ashley

"It's frustrating me" quote from Matt

ASHLEY on Skype, still in set make-up from filming Blindspot

"I want to ask her name, but I don't" quote from Travis

Servants are stroking Percy's hair

Scanlan yells: "We never decided where you would send the cheque for those boys. My address is: 1 Greyskull keep, Emon, 91210. Courtersy of Francois Bertrand Jean-luc Australia. But you should really forward it to Percival von Fredrickstein Von Musel De Rolo"

Grog assassin creed style

Grog falls into lava. Thumbs up like Terminator

"Matthew Mercer, keeping us humble since 2013" quote from Liam

Mythcarver vibrates?

"You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would you?" quote from Scanlan

Erinyes's unofficial name is Shera

Erinyes is defeated, not dead

Scanlan's twelveth limerick: "There was a young fellow named Brewster, who said to his wife as he goosed her. It used to be grand, but just look at my hand, you ain't wiping as clean as you used to"


"No one messes up a deal with Francois Australia" quote from Scanlan

"I'm so amazing" quote from Scanlan

Battle not over

Ifrit memory adjusted

Vex talks to the two celestial boys

Quore (spelling?) and Huein (spelling?)

Mother sold them

Trinket did better than his mum

Vax kisses Scanlan

"That's not the first upside down elf man kiss I ever had" quote from Scanlan

Vex kisses Percy's cheek

Back to the arches

To Juarel's

Vox Machina are not slaves

Pike gets the armour

Pike enquires about the shield

"It's not we don't want Garth from Wayne's World to have anything on our heads" quote from scanlan

Flame Garden Jewellers

Senokir's late wife's ashes

Zaafin (Senokir's wife)

Fort Daxio under siege

All vestiges claimed

Scanlan sings: "Don't you give up now now now. I won't give up nah nah nah. Let me heal you, let me heal you" inspired from Let Me Love You by Dj Snake feat. Justin Bieber

: "My loneliness is killing me (and I). I must confess I want to flee (I want to flee). But when you see me you lose your mind. Baby it's a sign, Pit Fiend baby now your mine" inspired from Baby one more time by Britney Spears

: "My Grog don't like you and he likes everyone. And I should have known that you'd try to run. Well I got so caught up in my spells I didn't see that you were trying to rat me out. But I can't do that right now" inspired from Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

: "Heal thee. With a song heal thee all night, all night, all night long, heal thee" inspired from Call me by Blondie

Excellent episode overall. Starts with a battle with the Pit Fiend and his companion. Scanlan Shorthalt, what a Gnome. Deserved winner of the MVP/Man of the match award. Super clutch moment with the alter memory of the Ifirt security member. Prevented a possible showdown with the entire Ifrit squad. The songs of inspiration from Scanlan were on point. Finally, Pike gets her vestige of divergence. Returning to Senokir, he tasks Vox Machina to bury his late wife's ashes in Vasselheim. It got me thinking if burying the ashes could cause a calamity to Vasselheim.
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 1st December


Critical Role Episode 77 - Clash At Daxio


Dennis the hopper

Fort Daxio is under siege

"This is fine" quote from Travis

Wyvern riders

"Chariots of fire" quote from Travis

Lizard men

"Poor Travis' a**" quote from Matt

Sam's god-like t-shirt

Gate keeper Zanthis

Scanlan's thirteenth limerick: "There was a young lady named Spruce, whose favorite thrill was a goose. Just the sight of a thumb, made her tokus all numb. And her bowels got excited, and loose"

Scanlan's exposes his chest hair to the Wyvern

"F*cking stumpy" quote from Matt

Ember Roc with Fire Giant

"This is like when I made my Barbies date my GI Joe's" quote from Laura

Ashley, fresh off the plane

"F*ck it, durr and durr" quote from Ashley

Captain Planet reference

Vex charmed to attack her own friends

"Shoot your friends" quote from Zanthis

"Kill the Wyvern, kill the wyvern, kill the wyvern" sung by Vox Machina

"Less Sugar Ray Leonard and more like Sugar Ray" quote from Sam


"Flank me, we're going into battle" quote from Scanlan


Lady Kima


Battle over

"It's high derp" quote from Sam

Allura has been feeble minded, is saved and gets kissed by Kima

Questions for the dead

Celestial boys are safe

Back to Whitestone

Raishan in Whitestone, dragon form

Status of Emon

Arising Volcanic mass

"Dominator of all worlds and a god among men" quote from Scanlan

Voting for Gilmore or Allura

"At dawn we vote" quote from Sam

"Gilmore won the popular vote" quote from Liam

Scanlan sing: "I don't wanna die. Get your wings off me baby, get your wings off me baby. I don't wanna die. All around the world" inspired from Fly by Sugar Ray

A long battle at Fort Daxio with a horde of Lizard men and the duo of a fire giant and an ember roc. Turns out it was a citizen of Emon who lead the assault on Fort Daxio. After the battle, Allura was found in a feeble mind state, only for Pike to restore her to normal. With the vast majority of Fort Daxio's stationed troop gone, Vox Machina venture back to Whitestone to set their next course of action. In typical Vox Machina fashion, they discuss for a long time on who to bring to the final battle against Thordak, Gilmore or Allura.

Both Travis and Ashley won't be in this week's edition, possible guest players. Will Friedle? Mary Elizabeth McGlynn? Chris Hardwick?
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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 8th December


Critical Role Episode 78 The Siege Of Emon

No Travis, no Ashley


Sam's new character, Broady Slater

"Overweight and work at an Applebee's" quote from Scanlan

"In the sewers for old time's sake" quote from Percy

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Will Friedle

"In all fairness dragons bring change" quote from Kashaw

"J-money" quote from Scanlan

"Put it up your butt?" quote from Scanlan

Scanlan finally gets Suude

"Chlamydia" quote from Zahra

Scanlan brief's the plan

"You should talk less" quote from Kashaw

"You went to school?" quote from Kashaw

"The brunch club" quote from Taliesin

To Keyleth's home Zephra

Zephra tour, Keyleth style

Korren, Keyleth's father

"Prove to me you're one as well" quote from Korren

Vex opens the door, naked

"I can't wait for the artwork" quote from Mary

"The sounds of Whitestone" quote from Will

Vax and Kashaw spar

"This is a GAME!" quote from Liam

Drake eats sh*t as he tumbles


War camp

Father of Riskel Daxio

Kashaw meets his buddy, Dale

Greyskull keep, been lifted

Scanlan's blue poop, discovered, not wanted

"Learning from my mistakes" quote from Victor

"Matt's Grog and Matt's Trinket are very similar" quote from Sam

Grog summons Mayonnaise

Turning into Lizard people

Trinket is scared

"I used to be Clasp, then I took an arrow to the knee" quote from Vax and Vex

"I did that with my pen*s" quote from Scanlan

To the Clasp

Fire giants security

Zahra and Kashaw remain to fight

Keyleth launches the signal

"Welcome to hentai" quote from Zahra

"In the meantime my love, shall we have some fun?" "Lets do this thing baby" quotes from Zahra and Kashaw

"It appears we have guests. Where are you?" quote from Thordak

"Always rely on tentacles" quote from Mary

Scanlan sings: "Kash! A-ah! King of the universe. Kash! A-ah!" inspired from Flash by Queen

Sam unleashing his new character Broady Slater to the masses. With his cocktail of accents and hairstyle, I wonder if Riegel is planning his new character when Scanlan retires. Vox Machina bring in extras to help their battle against Thordak; Zahra, Kima, Kashaw, Gilmore and Jarett. Big plaudits to Will Friedle with Kashaw being the military mind and being really blunt. Also, a special mention to his quick mind in creating a nice scene with Kashaw and Dale. It even put Matt on the spot. The episode on a whole had lots of good moments, especially the scene with Vex and Percy. It was great that it was Vex was the instigator of what she wanted.

It was extremely brave of both Zahra and Kashaw to stay behind and hold of the fire giants, but I had the feeling that it was their plan all along. Now that the final boss has appeared, will there be another twist in the tale?
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