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Lightbulb Your opinion/coop with this machinima project [Just a Game, GTA 5, ecology message]


I am thinking about making another machinima project. So far, thanks to this community,

I created projects like:
150k views - Have Sex, Not War: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjoJvd2q-cQ
7k views - Beans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiTGRL-ljxs&t

And now I have idea of next project, I woud like to consult or even welcome creative persons to join with making of this project.

The plot idea is:

- Characters in game discover, they are in the Game.
- Its sort of like Matrix. Even the main character is Keanu Reeves
- The game used to create the machinima is GTA 5
- Its supposed to be funny
- Most of the characters are famous persons (Messi, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc...)
- And the main reason why they discover they are in the game, is to save the real world from Eco crysis: they need to hack screens of real life gamers and put a video spot into their videos... (I didnt really think this through very well - I just want some real life benefit from this work - supporting the ecology seems like a cool stuff).

I see a big potential in this one. Just imagine Messi, Reeves, Schwarzeneger and Justin Beeber together saving the world Could get medialized....

So far I prerecorded Episode 1 (it needs a lot of fantasy! it has no voice acting, no final cut, I recommend to read the plot bellow first, 1:45 starts "a spirit"/atmosphere I already like a bit): https://youtu.be/rBWO_oaf1xc
But I have some creative block - I cant even figure final screenplay/voice acting for this episode.

The plot of E1 is in short:
Keenu is not happy with his life, he drinks a lot, he meets Messi (Messi is like Morpheus in the Matrix, who comes to "wake up" Keanu). Messi tells to Keanu, that he is just a character in a game, ruled by codes. That he needs to break this rules and become "free" - to do what he wants. But Keanu is so drunk, that he does not get it. There are some nice moments, like when Keanu pisses into Messi's face with a hydrant stream of piss - well, that's the deep stuff in the project

In the end, he Is just so drunk, that he faints. Two woman characters appear (they are like Agents in the Matrix). They decide whether to eliminate Keanu or not. But they decide to let him live to follow him. Mistery begins with the end of the first episode.

The idea for 2nd episode is, that Keanu wakes up in Arnolds flat - because they are lovers... another deep stuff... but then I need some creative ideas.

So, what do you think about this project? Is it something that is worth making? Would you like to watch it or even to participate with creation? Do you have any ideas for the plot? Anything is welcomed, as I am now deciding, whether or not to put these hundreds of hours, that similar project requires.

Thank you for any responses
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Default Re: Your opinion/coop with this machinima project [Just a Game, GTA 5, ecology messag

Originally Posted by Thebega View Post
The idea for 2nd episode is, that Keanu wakes up in Arnolds flat - because they are lovers... another deep stuff...
Tell me more.

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