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Default Is Tom & Jerry overused?

Right now, I can't help but feel Tom & Jerry gets a LITTLE too much air-time on Boomerang/Cartoon Network. I'm certainly aware that it's a classic, but is it really worth dedicating multiple HOUR-LONG blocks to it every day? I can understand a half-hour, but it seems redundant to show the same twenty or so cartoons over and over, but in slightly different arrangements each day. Since there are almost no new Tom and Jerry shorts (not counting movies and other shows) being made anymore, it's not like we're going to be seeing anything new out of these blocks that we haven't already seen a hundred times by now when the channel could be loosening up a half hour or so for another classic show.

I can understand dedicating an hour to Looney Tunes, since there's a HUGE variety in cartoon shorts featuring a VAST selection of individual characters, but watching the same two characters with the occasional side characters and very little dialogue or story for several hours can be tiring and even desensitizing, especially in this day and age when most TV shows put an emphasis on character development and dialogue. Again, I'm not saying I dislike Tom & Jerry and I understand it's been a CN tradition since the channel first started, but there's only so many times you can watch something before you get completely sick of it, especially when you have no real control over its frequency.

I generally hate it when channels air episodes of shows out of order. Why? Because it means they'll just show the same episodes again and again every other week, and Tom & Jerry might not have started as a TV show, but that doesn't mean they can't broadcast them in a linear order based on their original release dates. If they went from the first MGM short to the last Chuck Jones short, then at least we'd be able to see more variety, instead of potentially being subjected to "Dicky Moe" at least five times a day.
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