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Default Top 10 DC Universe Animated Original Movies

1. Batman Under The Red Hood
2. The Dark Knight Returns pt. 1 & 2
3. Wonder Woman
4. Superman Doomsday
5. Batman Year One
6. Superman vs. The Elite
7. Superman Batman Public Enemies
8. Justice League Doom
9. Batman Gotham Knight
10. Justice League The New Frontier

Now for my opinions on each film.

Batman Under The Red Hood - One of the most perfect animate pieces of Batman I have ever seen. The story, although one familiar to comic fans, is great. You really feel the pain Bats is going through with the loss of Jason, and the pain he must now feel seeing what he became. Bruce Greenwood as Batman is second only to Kevin Conroy, and John DiMaggio's Joker surprisingly worked. NPH as Nightwing I felt was a tad miscast, but in the end it didn't bother me. The animation was good as always, and the climax is one of the best climaxes to any Batman project.
The Dark Knight Returns - It was only a matter of time until they did this one. I'm glad they split it into two films, otherwise they wouldn't have followed it as well as they did. It was very dark, as expected, and sometimes very graphic. But in the end, this is something every Batman fan has always wanted to see, a faithful adaptation of one of the greatest Batman stories ever. BTW, Peter Weller was great as Batman, and I always wanted to hear Michael Emerson take a crack at Joker.
Wonder Woman - We finally get a standalone adaptation of Wonder Woman, and it is great. The animation is probably the best out of all these films, with great fight scenes and surprisingly graphic and intense scenes of war. People won't ever view WW the same after seeing this.
Superman Doomsday - The first of this line of films, and when we saw this, we knew we were getting something different. That scene when Doomsday makes Superman throw up blood is one of the most intense images of any Superman project. My problems with the movie include the liberties taken from the original story, and the cast leaves a little to be desired. But in the end, still a great piece of animation any Superman fan should see.
Batman Year One - This movie was almost completely faithful to the source material. We get to see one of my favorite versions of James Gordon, and feel that heavy atmosphere we love in any Batman film. My problems include Ben Mckenzie's voice for Batman, and the fact that the film may seem very familiar to fans of the Nolan franchise (Batman Begins took a lot from Year One.)
Superman vs. The Elite - I really enjoy this film because it asks a question no other Superman story has, but has been on the mind of almost anyone familiar with superheroes : Is Superman to old school? Is a hero who doesn't kill the enemies practical? Is Superman to nice a hero? This film tackles this question head on when he has to face The Elite, a group of superhuman vigilantes who win the worlds favor by destroying villains who the world feels deserve the outcome. But when Superman tricks the Elite into thinking he went executioner to fight them, he teaches that restraint is what seperates him from the criminals. The climax is one of the best I've ever seen, and you really think Superman goes mad. George Newborn returning is great, Pauly Perret's Lois Lane is second to me only to Dana Delany, and Robin Atkin Downes as Manchestor Black is perfect. My only complaint is that the first half of the film seems a bit slow, and the animation style reminds me of something from Teen Titans.
Superman Batman Public Enemies - Tim Daly, Clancy Brown, and Kevin Conroy return as Superman, Lex Luthor, and Batman in this great film. When president Lex Luthor puts a hit on the Worlds Finest, everyone, from greedy supervillains to government controlled heroes, are after the two while they try to keep a Kryptonite meteor from hitting the earth. The returning voices are great, the new ones are good too, and the story is unique and lets us see a lot of our favorite heroes and villains do what they do best.
Justice League Doom - When supervillains find out Batman's secret plans to destroy the Justice League in case they ever go rogue, Vandal Savage and the Legion of Doom use the to destroy there enemies once and for all. Many DCAU cast members return, and they sound just as good as they did before. The animation style is easy to get into, and the story really peaks into Batman's mind, always being the one to do the right thing, even if everyone hates him for it.
Batman Gotham Knight - An interesting experiment. An anime Batman. With Kevin Conroy's voice. OK. The story doesn't have a flowing narrative, instead it shows us segments of Batman's life and the lives of those he affects. The anime style took a bit getting used to, but in the end, I enjoyed it. It's a change of pace from other Batman films, and really stands out as its own creation.
Justice League The New Frontier - In a setting evoking the Golden and Silver Age of comics, superheroes must form together to stop an ancient alien from wiping out humans. The story has an interesting take on the orgin of the JL, and it has a very classic feel. We get to see all our favorite heroes and how they interacted with eachother before they became team mates. The animation at first turned me off, it was very similar to BMTBATB. But in the end, I liked it. It felt like a very fresh and original take on these characters, while still evoking a classic atmosphere.
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Default Re: Top 10 DC Universe Animated Original Movies

Again, too lazy for in-depth explanations, but just off the top of my head:

1. Justice League: Doom
2. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
3. Batman: Under the Red Hood
4. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
5. All-Star Superman
6. Superman vs. The Elite
7. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
8. Batman: Gotham Knight
9. Green Lantern: First Flight
10. Superman: Unbound
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Default Re: Top 10 DC Universe Animated Original Movies

Here is my opinion of the other films.
Green Lantern First Flight - A solid GL story with great voice acting (Victor Garber as Sinestro was perfect, and while Meloni was good as Hal, his voice was very recognizable ). My only problems were the pacing and the kinda predictable story to anyone who's familiar with GL and his orgin. Much better than the live action film though .
Justice League Crisis on Two Earths - The voice acting in this film interests me. The stand outs to me were Gina Torres and James Woods as Superwoman and Owlman. They did great. I was also surprised they got veteran VA's to do a lot of the JL ( Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, Nolan North as Green Lantern, Josh Keaton as Flash, Jonathan Adams as Martian Manhunter ). But I have to say I don't really like Mark Harmon and William Baldwin as Superman and Batman. Mark sounds too old, might work for a future Superman, and William sounds like his brother Alec trying to be Batman. The film was originally a script for a DTV DCAU film, and if you imagine the JLU designs and voice actors, you can tell. The characters interact with each other just like they did in the series. But the story is familiar, even being explored in the JL series beforehand. It's no wonder they retooled it to be out of that universe.
Superman Batman Apocolypse - The art style took a little for me to get used to, but I really liked the story. It was cool to see Supergirl again, and Summer Glau did a good job. Tim and Kevin coming back as there respective characters is always a plus. Heck, even Susan Eisenburg and Ed Asner returned as WW and Granny Goodness. Unfortunatly, I found Darkseids VA a bit lacking, but that's just me. The pacing could have been better too.
All Star Superman - A really good idea I think : Superman is on the brink of death, tries to do everything he can before he dies, and Lex Luthor gets Kryptonian powers. James Denton is pretty good as Sups, but I found Anthony LaPlaglia as Lex phenomenal. Hendricks as Lois however, I found a bit bland. But the film did dive into some interesting ideas about the Superman mythos that haven't been explored before.
Green Lantern Emeral Knights - I enjoyed this GL film more than First Flight. Even though it had no solid narrative besides the Krona attack, I like it because it allows us to see in full detail other GLs you may forget about. Even Mogo has a cool story. Nathan Fillion was great as Hal, and the other's played there roles well too. I would say the weakest voices were Henry Rollins' Kilowag and JAT's Tomar Re, but he was just more or less an extended cameo, so no biggie.
Superman Unbound - Haven't seen the entire film yet, but what I have seen I liked. Matt Bomer, Molly Quinn, and John Noble are excellent as Superman, Supergirl, and Brainiac. I also like how they characterized Lois Lane, although I'm not sure yet what to think about Stana Katic's performance.

Once I see the entire film I'll show my full impression, and I'll also do so with any DCUAOM to come.
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Default Re: Top 10 DC Universe Animated Original Movies

I haven't seen ten of these films, but I'm just going to go ahead and talk about the ones I've seen and rank them accordingly.

Batman Under The Red Hood - Well... it's just a freaking awesome movie. The animation is fluid and almost mainstream film quality at times, the whole cast put in stellar showings, (although I would have preferred Nightwing not be so comedic and like you said NPH was a little miscast) the music was excellent, and for the first time I saw just how great of a story you could make from Robin. I love this freaking movie and it blew me away both times I saw it.

The Dark Knight Returns parts 1 & 2 - Our list is eerily similar at first, this movie was just amazing in my opinion. I mean yeah, some things like Batman disguised as a crazy homeless lady and the obligatory topless chick with guns seemed a little stupid to me, and I didn't care for The Joker's characterization, but otherwise this movie had action, suspense, great animation, and female Robin (can't remember her name XD) was petty darn cool too. Also, Batman vs Superman! Now, I haven't read any full Batman stories before, the original comic included, but I still loved this movie even though I couldn't really buy into some of it all that well.

Superman vs. The Elite - I honestly didn't like The Elite as characters that much and the whole "villain with worldwide TV access publicly chewing the scenery and spreading their precious corruption and propaganda with the smuggest self-satisfied smiles you could possibly imagine" cliche got on my nerves, but it was pretty suspenseful and it had a great George Newbern performance. The animation was a slight mixed bag, it had somewhat wonky character designs, but it was colorful and smooth. Overall, I was pretty entertained by the action and seeing Superman fall from the public's graces was really neat.

Superman Batman Apocalypse - I pretty much agree with everything you said there except I thought Susan Eisenberg wasn't that great in this one, but that's just me. She was better in JL: Doom and Justice League TV in my opinion. I guess she was a little out of practice for Wonder Woman.

Justice League: Doom - The animation was pretty good, it was the first time I had heard Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan and that was a plus, but I was just left fairly unimpressed. Some of their "weaknesses being exploited moments" were pretty suspenseful, but I was a little bored.

Batman Year One - I was bored... I thought Bryan Cranston was okay, but boring. I thought Ben Mackenzie was okay, but boring. I thought the story was pretty boring, I thought Gordon's part of the story was boring and a bit of a letdown. Even though I don't care for the Nolan films that much I thought Batman Begins bested it in every way. Oh, but the random fight with buzzcut (prostitute?) Selina Kyle got a few chuckles and a raised eyebrow out of me, that was probably the most entertaining part for me. XD

I think that was all of them that I watched... I really want to watch Wonder Woman now and a couple of the others though. I'm probably going to wait until they're on Netflix though.
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