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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Final Fantasy XV - Uncredited characters

With the release of Episode Ardyn the Final Fantasy XV saga has come to an end, Iíve been waiting for time that all the DLCs, updates and events were released because there were some named characters that never got their voice actors confirmed even through the credits for the DLC/events, some did but not all Iíll be going through the named characters that never had their Voice actors confirmed Iíll also only be focusing on the English voice actors.

Relevant Additional voices:
Main Game:
AJ Locascio
Amanda Celine Miller
Andre Sogliuzzo
Andrea Becker
Andrew Kishino
Anna Vocino
Becky Boxer
Benjamin Diskin
Bill Ratner
Brian T Delaney
Brian T Finney
Bryce Papenbrook
Chris Cox
Daniel Bonjour
Dave B Mitchell
Dave Fouquette
Dave Wittenberg
David Cooley
David K Hill
David Lodge
Debra Wilson
Eliza Jane Schneider
Elle Newlands
Erin Cottrell
Erin Fitzgerald
Gregg Berger
Jason Spisak
Jim Meskimen
Jodi Carlisle
John Cygan
Julianne Buescher
Julie Nathanson
Keith Ferguson
Khary Payton
Lori Tritel
Mandy Kaplan
Matthew Yang King
Michael Dunn
Michael Rosenblum (not Michael Rosenbaum like listed on this site https://voice123.com/michaelrosenblum)
Neil Kaplan
Nicolas Roye
Nicole Byer
Ogie Banks
Oliver Vaquer
Orion Acaba
Patrick Seitz
Peter Jessop
Phil Proctor
Rajia Baroudi
Rena Strober
Richard Tatum
Rick Zieff
Roger Craig Smith
Salli Saffioti
Sam Riegel
Sandy Fox
Sarah Elmaleh
Scott Whyte
Shane Stevens
Stephanie Sheh
Steve Blum
Sumalee Montano
Taliesin Jaffe
Tara Jayne Sands
Tara Platt
Tessa Auberjonois
Wally Wingert
Yuri Lowenthal

Adam McArthur
Alyssa Preston
Anastasia Basil
Andrea Savo
Arif S. Kinchen
Assaf Cohen
Braden Lynch
Brendan Hunt
Cassandra Lee Morris
Chani Krich
Clayton Froning
Courtenay Taylor
Cristina Militzia
Curt Cornelius
David Errigo Jr.
Jacob Craner
Jeannie Elias
Jeffery Dean
Jensen Reed
Johnathan Brooks
Johnno Wilson
Johnny Littlefield
Ken Lally
Kevin Dorman
Lara Jill Miller
Maile Flanagan
Maria Howell
Mimi Torres/Megan Goldsmith
Michael Johnston
Mikey Kelley
Neil Kaplan
Paul McKinney
Paula Jean Hixson
Rachael MacFarlane
Rebecca Davis
Shelby Young
Tamika Simpkins
Ted Evans
Thom Adcox Herandez
Todd Haberkorn

Royal Edition (In the Royal Edition credits it lists most additional voice actors from all the DLCs but these are the voice actors that only appear in the Royal Edition credits):
Kay Bess
Stoney Emshwiler
Violet Farley
Jason Mable
Bryce Papenbrook (Whilst he appears in additional voices in the main game he doesn't appear in the credits for every other DLC like the other actors listed in the Royal Edition credits)
Paloma Rodriguez
David Sobolov
Bruce Thomas
Kiff VandenHeuvel

Dustin Ackers (main game and Comrades):
(Sorry could only find a video with commentary but you can hear him well enough)
This is most likely Neil Kaplan since he is the only actor credited for additional voices in both the Main game and Comrades, the only reason I put him here is to see if anyone else more familiar with his voice would agree.

Coctura Arlund (main game):
Kind of sounds a little like Julie Nathanson to me, sound vaguely similar to her as these characters

Sania Yeagre (main game):
Pretty certain this is Debra Wilson.

Maria (main game):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L00dwDB-R6A (dialogue continues at 2:35)
Sounds pretty naturally like an older lady so most likely either https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Jodi-Carlisle/ or https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Lori-Tritel/ sounds more like Jodi Carlisle to me (also should be noted that Maria is this character from Kingsglaive https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com...nas-Attendant/)

Ezma Auburnbrie (main game):


Randolph (main game):


Takka Bradham (main game):

Wiz Forlane(main game):

Tony (main game):
Chris Cox maybe?

Kenny Crow (main game):

A pretty minor character but she showed up in both the Main game and Comrades so I included her as well however she has a different voice actor between her different appearances
Main game:
Pretty certain itís Lara Jill Miller in Comrades (there is commentary in the video but you can still hear her clearly)

So this character wasnít in the game at launch so it be anyone though Tasia Valenza did tweet that she did voices for the game post launch so this could be her (its either this or she did voices for the Moogle-Chocobo carnival)

Elea (Comrades):
I think itís Chani Krich sounds similar to her as Arclight https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com...pool/Arclight/

Josef (Royal Edition):
Despite not appearing in the additional voices section in the Royal Edition credits I think this is Dave Fennoy

Tonitrus Lucis Caelum/The Fierce (Royal Edition):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9e1n6TFr9I (dialogue continues at 4:10)
So with this character he sounds quite different pre battle and post battle. Sounding deeper pre battle and sounding lighter post battle, so I think itís Bruce Thomas https://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Bruce-Thomas/ with his Atrocitus and Comissioner Gordon being deeper voices and Desaad and Darkseid being lighter voices.

Crepera Lucis Caelum/The Rogue (Royal Edition):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrwzSFowkXw (dialogue continues at 3:34)
Kay Bess maybe? Fits best age wise but I couldnít find a voice that definitevly clicked.

Somnus Lucis Caelum/The Mystic (Royal Edition):
This character is voiced by Zach Villa in Episode Ardyn but in the Royal Edition itís someone else. Keythe Farley said on Twitter that he thinks itís Tom Taylorson but heís not sure (https://twitter.com/faronear/status/1012110893876797440) I think it might be David Sobolov.

Female Avatar (Comrades):
There are 17 actresses credited in Comrades and 16 different voice option, so it might not be a case of whoís there but whoís not there, I donít think I hear Lara Jill Miller so sheís probably the odd one out and just for fun letís be specific on who is which option. Mimi Torres is voice 2 and Cassandra Lee Morris is voice 6 I think.

Male Avatar (Comrades):
Unfortunately, I couldnít find a video where theyíre all together but Iíve got two videos so theyíre all but voice 4 are here but it is a little more trouble to keep track of them. I had another video that had voice 4 but it got taken down between when I found and when I started this post
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfZszi8luW8&t=5m55s (voices 1-3, 5, 7-15)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1sXnnKXKfE&t=5m52s (voice 6 at where the video starts and voice 16 at 5:58 and 6:09)
Arif S. Kinchen is voice 13 and Iím pretty sure Todd Haberkorn is one of them as well.
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Default Re: Final Fantasy XV - Uncredited characters

Dustin sounds very David Lodge-y, but that sample is just too short. I guess it could be Neil, but I didn't hear anything that really stood out as sounding like him.

Randolph reminds me of Dave B. Mitchell's occasionally heard Cockney accent. (Reference.) I'm not 100% on it being him, but that's the first name that came to mind.

I think Takka is also Dave.

Comrades Caricaturist is 100% Lara Jill Miller. Don't know who the original actress is.

Josef is Dave Fennoy for sure.

That's all I got.
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Post Re: Final Fantasy XV - Uncredited characters

Tasia Valenza mentioned working on the game, but didn't say who she voiced.

Yes, I love Cho Chang. Deal with it!

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Default Re: Final Fantasy XV - Uncredited characters

I managed to find some more Dustin without commentary:
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Default Re: Final Fantasy XV - Uncredited characters

Originally Posted by coolies View Post
I managed to find some more Dustin without commentary:
That's 100% David Lodge.
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