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Default Genuine Concern

Recently, I stumbled across the Jan Rabson page looking at a comment I made two years ago, and seeing the backlash I got from it. I began to feel very concerned about how I may have been coming across on the site. In response I apologized for inadvertantly offending the two people who responded to my comment and started talking about me. But it's enough to make me feel like that maybe I may have inadvertantly done damage.

Yes, I am VERY passionate about certain dubs and have stood up for them again and again, but that's mainly because I felt that they deserve to be better recognized and I find them underrated. I do realize that this may have caused some people to be annoyed with me, and I apologize for that.

Furthermore, I did not intend to offend any voiceover artist when I say that I didn't find a particular performance of theirs not up to my standards. Nor do I wish to come across as though I'm imposing my views on others. If I do come across like that, again, I apologize, but that was never my intention. I was simply trying to stand up for what I believe in.

If you see any comments on this website of mine that may come across as annoying, feel free to delete them. I don't wish to cause anymore trouble. I'm open to voicing my opinion, but I do not want to put others down.
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Default Re: Genuine Concern

The only real problem I have with your commenting habits is the way you respond to people. Usually it's things related to Ghibli movies, Nadia, Akira, and so on. You seem to positively respond to every other comment that affirms your opinion, and show your disagreement to nearly every single person whose opinion is contrary to your own. Now, I don't believe you intend any harm by doing so, but doing these things is pretty unnecessary.

If you write your opinion down on a page, chances are the people who comment afterwards have already read it and know what you think. Replying to everyone personally, and restating your point of view (maybe worded slightly differently), preceded by either "I agree" or "I disagree" is kind of annoying and isn't productive.

I'd say it's extra obnoxious particularly on voice compares when you reply to every person who says they prefer the actor whose performance you do not prefer with the reason why you think he or she was wrong for the character. Again, I don't think you intend to do this, but it makes you look a little rude at times, and a bit of an attention seeker. The way you go about these replies makes it look like you're just wanting to shove your disagreement in people's faces, when they likely already saw your previous comment(s) and know what you think. You appear as if you're intimidated by people affirming the performance you don't like, so you respond to every comment contrary to your view to try and drown them out and sway public opinion in a heavy-handed way.

It'd be a different thing if you thought of a new argument (one you haven't previously talked about) for why you feel an actor's performance is a more fitting representation of the character than the other guy or gal, or if you were to maybe respectfully ask the person questions about their view point and why they feel the way they do, which could strike up more of a healthy, productive conversation/debate. However, what you tend to do is restate your opinion at them, which feels unnecessary and irritating as you've already made your opinion known just a little ways down in the comment section.

I hope all of that makes sense. If you take anything away from this, please let it be that restating your opinion over and over again in responses is extremely unnecessary. Especially on pages related to Akira, Nadia, and Ghibli films. You've gone over those subjects so many times that it feels like beating a dead horse by now. I'd go as far to say it's borderline spam. If you at least stopped doing this, then I doubt hardly anyone would have a problem with you at all.
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