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emery martin
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Default Are the BTVA Awards going to Happen this year?

Usually, the nominations would have been announced by now or summer. Is it happening at a later time or is it being delayed due to it not being worth the hours of preparation?
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Default Re: Are the BTVA Awards going to Happen this year?

So we were originally going to finish hashing out all the details regarding next awards before making an announcement, but since you asked, might as well offer full disclosure. Yeah, there aren't going to be any BTVA Awards in 2019. The awards use a ton of time and resources and we were starting to fall behind on content addition, and awards would take away from that even moreso. Ultimately, the whole site is based around content since at the core we're meant to be an informative database. So the team agreed we'd rather spend the rest of the year focusing on core site content, keeping info up to date, and going back to renovate older pages and make other under-the-hood site improvements. We also had availability issues where not everyone was able to get together and really pow-wow on things on top of these commitments, which meant we were behind schedule anyway and didn't want to drag it out even further; there's a real domino effect where awards being late one year makes it more likely the next year will also be late or stressful to deal with. So we decided to just rip the bandaid off and take a gap year to recharge and recalibrate things overall. We gradually reached that decision in late spring once it was obvious there was still tons of work to do that would set us way beyond the original timeline.

There was enough work done that it would be a shame to throw it all away entirely, so I can't speak definitively yet since it's not finalized, but the idea is that as a consolation, if next year's awards still happen we'll probably have a set of 2019 nominations and a set of 2018 nominations for each category. But yeah, we're still working out what next year's awards will entail and they're taking a bit of a backseat for now. We just wanted to make sure the site was in a place, content-wise, that we were totally happy with first, and since the awards were going to be super late anyway if they happened this year it made more sense to just take the extra time off. Hopefully that helps, feel free to ask an admin if you have any more questions.

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