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Thumbs up Creepy Crawlers

Noticed a few things in the Creepy Crawlers entry. I should preface this by saying that I can't blame the person who tried identifying the voices. The credits are absolutely abysmal--crediting actors without their roles and consisting mostly of pseudonyms due to the cheapskate non-union nature of the production.

The cast in the credited order:
ANTHONY MOZDY (Tony Pope) [R.I.P.] {Mozdy was his mother's maiden name.}
STANLY GURD JR. (Jan Rabson)

Prof. Googengrime (Clip)
Currently listed to Steve Bulen, but I'm pretty sure it's Tony Pope. Here's a snippet of Pope (credited without role as Mozdy) as Gan-Chan in The Adventures of Mini-Goddess.

Volt Jolt (Clip)
Possibly Cam Clarke, but I'm pretty sure it's not Rabson (Official animation demo). His distinctive signature is basically present no matter how cartoony the voice, and I'm just not hearing it here.

Hocus Locust (Clip)
One of those characters who constantly does impressions. Pope actually did one of these character types when taking over for Eric Idle as Wreck-Gar in Transformers (Clip), but unlike Wreck-Gar, I can't hear any of his signature in Hocus Locust. I was looking into Reed Waxman and stumbled on the cartoon Iznogoud. Only Waxman and Steve Kramer are credited for voices, but there are only two main characters--one played by Kramer and the other presumably by Waxman and sounding like this. Doesn't really sound like the lead in Creepy Crawlers (Clip)--currently linked to Waxman. Waxman has a credit on a video game. Looked into it on YouTube, but there appears to be barely any men doing voices in the game at all. Joey Camen came to mind as a VA (with a dubbing background, as the cast all appear to have had) and impressionist who might be responsible. He does do a Schwarzenegger in his animation demo, which Hocus Locust does in the clip above.

Sting Ring (Clip)
Just for the record, this one appears to be accurate. Weeks showed up credited in the Animaze dubs of Black Magic M-66 and Giant Robo--both of which had black characters in the respective episodes that were clearly voiced by a black actor. Same goes for Sting Ring, and while it's been a while, I recall that the Black Magic and Robo roles sounded similar.

T-3 (Clip)
Same voice pops up in the Fist of the North Star movie, which features (and credits) Steve Bulen as a minor part. There's no other cast overlap between it and Creepy Crawlers; Bulen's credited minor part is so small that it's unlikely they just used him for it (FONS was a union dub; thus, he was paid for a two-hour minimum.), and I can hear traces of him beneath it anyway.

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