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Whose Voice is This? Heard a voice recently but can't figure out who provided it then post it here and let us help.

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Default Re: Films by Jove dubs of Soyuzmultfilm cartoons

Here's the remaining credits from the Stories of My Childhood series:

The Nutcracker:
Shirley MacLaine - Narrator
Other Voices: Kate Gallant, Jack Newman, David Huband, Caroly Larson, Kathy Greenwood, Len Carlson, John Stocker, Billy Van, Adrian Truss and Judy Ovitz as the Mouse Queen

Alice and the Mystery of the Third Planet:
Kirsten Dunst - Alice
James Belushi - Peter the Repeater Bird
Harvey Fierstein - Grambo
Other Voices: Kate Gallant, Graham Haley, David Huband, Caroly Larson, Rino Romano, Ron Rubin, John Stocker, Pat McKenna, Adrian Truss, Donald Bishop, and Oleg Vidov as Captain Yuri

The Twelve Months:
Lolita Davidovich - Christina
Amanda Plummer - The Queen
Other Voices: Kate Gallant, Jack Newman, David Huband, Caroly Larson, Kathy Greenwood, Len Carlson, John Stocker, Mary Long, Adrian Truss, Jeff Pustil, Roland Parliament

The Snow Girl:
Shares a credit list with the above.

The Prince, the Swan and the Czar Saltan:
Jessica Lange - The Swan Princess
Timothy Dalton - Prince Gvidon
Allan Rich - Czar Saltan
Other Voices: John Stocker, Graham Haley, David Huband, Caroly Larson, Kathy Laskey, Ron Rubin, Debbie McGrath, Mary Long, Colin Mochrie, Donald Bishop

I already posted The Nutcracker. Alice and the Mystery of the Third Planet is available on YouTube. The rest aren't extant.

And that about does it for the Stories from My Childhood series.
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Default Grandpa Frost & The Ugly Duckling

Grandpa Frost

Allen Stewart-Coates - Grandpa Frost 0:07
Kathleen Barr - Grandmother 0:50
Chelan Simmons - Milasha 1:10
Genele Tempelton - Denjasha 0:42

It is possible that either girl is someone entirely new and not featured in the other episodes, but so far I think that Denjasha is a good match for Viriginia in Canterville, and Milasha for Tanya (A Toy for Tanya) and Grechen (Pot of Porridge.)

The Ugly Duckling

Louise Vallance - Narrator 0:06
Kathleen Barr - Audrey 0:49
Cathy Weseluck - Auntie Clump 0:34
- Robins 1:32
?Jesse Moss - The Ugly Duckling (young) 2:01
- Barnyard Flock 5:06
Campbell Lane - Rooster 1 5:37
Richard Newman - Rooster 2 5:40
?Teryl Rothery - Lady Froof 6:01

- Bird 2:33
Richard Newman - Cat 2:56, Swan 6:41
Michael Donovan - The Ugly Duckling (grown) 6:02

I don't feel confident enough in Moss' voice to call it for sure, it could always be another kid. I wish Froof had more dialog, it's not unthinkable that it's someone else.

I think that's all of the ones available so far? I just have to go back and revise the ones done before we got credits for them.

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