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Default Justice League: Action


So a friend of mine linked me to this, it shows 3 clips from JLA.

One thing that is apparent now is that John DiMaggio is voicing Mongul instead of Imari Williams.
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Default Re: Justice League: Action


1. For the first vid, I thought Chronos was enjoyably sleezy and over the top as a foil for Batman. Can't quite make out who's voicing Blue Beetle here, but considering Max Mittleton's been confirmed to be in the show, I wouldn't be surprised if it was him.

2. Mark Hamill's still got it as the Joker in the next clip; and oh man the slapstick animation is almost looney tunes quality. I am a bit underwhelmed to hear John Dimaggio as Mongol though. Hey, I like John, but his credits as both Lobo and Darkseid should be enough while letting someone else fill in for Mongol; I read up in fact that Imari Williams was cast for the role, he's a somewhat underutilized voice actor in animation, so it was ashamed he was not considered at the last second. Also, I don't mind Charlie Schaltter returning as Flash, but I kind wanted to hear Michael Rossenbaum or at least someone else; that said I dig Jason J. Lewis as Superman so far.

3. Okay this third clip is weird and stupid... but I actually kind'a like it. Ken Jeong already has me sold as this kid version of Toy Man, and the references to I think the Neatherrealm or Capcom games were actually pretty decent. Also, gotta love Cyborg, being kiddish himself but still retaining a level head with the task on hand.
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