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Default Xenoblade Chronicles

I wouldn't want the VAs of the original Xenoblade changed in a million years, but I did make a hypothetical list for if the game got an American localization. Hope you like it!

Shulk: Ray Chase
Reyn: Kaiji Tang
Fiora: Brianna Knickerbocker
Sharla: Laura Post
Dunban: Keith Silverstein
Melia: Cherami Leigh
Riki: Chris Niosi
Dickson: Michael Sorich
Mumkhar/Metal Face: Mick Wingert
Vangarre: Kirk Thornton
Juju: Griffin Burns
Otharon: David Lodge
Xord/Bronze Face: Darin De Paul
Alvis: Xander Mobus
Chief Dunga: Doug Stone
Kallian: David Vincent
Sorean: Dan Woren
Yumea: Wendee Lee
Lorithea: Cindy Robinson
Tyrea: Carrie Keranen
Arglas: Michael McConnohie
Meynith/Face Nemesis: Kate Higgins
Egil: Christopher Corey Smith
Linada: Michelle Ruff
Miqol: Richard Epcar
Vanea: Melissa Fahn
Gadolt/Jade Face: Lex Lang
Zanza: Ray Chase

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Default Re: Xenoblade Chronicles

Revised list:

Shulk: Ray Chase
Fiora: Eden Riegel
Dunban: Marc Diraison
Reyn: Sean Schemmel
Sharla: Tara Platt
Riki: Mick Wingert
Melia: Cherami Leigh
Mumkhar/Metal Face: Keith Silverstein
Dickson: Michael Sorich
Xord/Bronze Face: John Snyder
Kallian: David Vincent
Sorean: Doug Stone
Yumea: Wendee Lee
Lorithea: Mona Marshall
Tyrea: Laura Bailey
Egil: Lex Lang
Vanea: Michelle Ruff
Miqol: Richard Epcar
Linada: Dorothy Fahn
Gadolt/Jade Face: Troy Baker
Juju: Yuri Lowenthal
Vangarre: Kirk Thornton
Chief Dunga: Dan Woren
Arglas: Michael McConnohie
Meyneth/Face Nemesis: Kate Higgins
Alvis: Liam O'Brian
Otharon: David Lodge
Zanza: Ray Chase

(Apologies for my last list being a bit of a mess.)
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Default Re: Xenoblade Chronicles American Dub

BZ Xenoblade

Shulk - Brandon James Winckler
Reyn - Jon Allen
Fiora - Reba Buhr
Dunban - Kyle Hebert
Sharla - Julia McIlvane
Melia - Mela Lee
Riki - Laura Stahl
Mumkhar - Keith Silverstein
Dickson - Sean Chiplock
Arglas - Sean Chiplock
Egil - Greg Chun
Meyneth - Cristina Vee
Alviss - Alejandro Saab

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