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Default The Kether Donohue/Annice Moriarty Power Hour (or: Nutters at Work)


so there was this dude(?) going around last year on practically every website claiming that Annice Moriarty is an actual person who isn't Kether Donohue despite having no physical evidence to back it up, only providing long-winded and disturbingly in-depth stories about meeting/being related to "Annice", and going by a different identity each time


I've searched head to tail for any records on any living person in NY named Annice Moriarty and come up with nothing except Kether's credits, so either this person was a compulsive liar/obsessed fan with severe mental issues, or there is actually an Annice Moriarty out there somewhere (doubt it) who is going unnoticed (again, doubt it)

it goes a step further when this guy claimed to be related to Eriko Ibe (announcer for the early Mario Party games), and also claimed that she isn't Japanese but rather African instead (because y'know that's totally how it works) despite photographic evidence proving him wrong which he claims he can't see because "wifi bad lol" (sheer bullshit)


...yeah, my money's on "absolute nutter"

anyway thanks for coming to my TED talk

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Default Re: The Kether Donohue/Annice Moriarty Power Hour (or: Nutters at Work)

It says a lot that this isn't the first or second or even the third time I've seen people try and make up fake VAs or fake proof of aliases out of nowhere. The internet is a big place.
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