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Post Re: Animaniacs

Originally Posted by HyperVoiceActing View Post
If they couldn't get the original actress for her back, how does Sophia Anne Caruso sound as a possible voice for Rita?
To be honest, I had never heard of her until you mentioned her, but I just took a listen to her and I'd say she could probably pull Rita off.

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Default Re: Animaniacs

Animaniacs: Season 1

Yakko Warner - Eric Bauza
Wakko Warner - Jess Harnell
Dot Warner - Tress MacNeille
Pinky - Rob Paulsen
Brain - Maurice LaMarche
Ralph Guard - Frank Welker
Nora R. Norita - Stephanie Escajeda
Dr. Scratchansniff - Flula Borg
JayPac - Zeno Robinson
Nils Niedhart - Arnold Schwarzenegger
Dwayne LaPistol - Danny Jacobs
Pigeon - Edie McClurg
Odysseus - Diedrich Bader
B.R.A.I.N - Alan Tudyk
Egwind - Chris Cox
Julia Brain - Maria Bamford
Grand Dame - Susanne Blakeslee
Raquel Madcow - Salli Saffioti
Senator Garp - Jeff Bergman
Senator Brie - Grey Griffin
Snowden - Patton Oswalt
Starbox - Chris Sanders
Cindy - Eleanor Johnson
Riley - Kimberly Brooks
Pegasus - Jon Bailey
Gnome - John DiMaggio
Marsha - Kari Wahlgren
Kelly Anne - Amanda Leighton
Gabriella - Lauren Lapkus
Fred Bagel - Jake Green
Drusilla - Lesley Nicol
Nickelwise - Peter Stormare
Benedict Dragon - Fred Tatasciore
Nancy - Rachael MacFarlane
Sultana - Jameela Jamil
Tuck Buckerson - Fred Armisen
Ed Ortiz - Carlos Alazraqui
Sokolov - Kevin Michael Richaradson
Jean Gravy - Megan Hilty
Cupcake - Janice Kawaye
Minstrel - Dee Bradley Baker
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